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MobileEnterpriseMag.com attracts the attention of individual customers and industry watchers alike with breaking news, live event coverage, discussion forums, tutorials, and a buyer’s guide for all Samsung Galaxy, Apple Iphones, and current Smartphones.

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About Mobile Enterprise Mag

We talk about everything related to Mobile and Phones. We’re a team of mobile technology experts who write about the latest news, rumors, and reviews. We’re the go-to source for anyone who wants to stay up-to-date on the latest in mobile tech.

Our Mission

The world’s most comprehensive online resource for mastering your iPhone is MobileEnterpriseMag.com. Our goal is to assist you in keeping up with technology and gaining control over your digital life.

Who We Are

Apple and Samsung make fantastic goods, but they don’t always explain how to use them. This is where we can help. With clear, easy-to-follow information, our professional team of authors, editors, and educators is dedicated to helping you master your iPhone and iPad. We go over all of the information and steps that you won’t find anywhere else.

We’re long-time Apple and Samsung fans who want to help you get the most out of your mobile devices. We’ve spent years perfecting our methods for educating consumers like you how to operate these electronic devices by using, diagnosing, and teaching Galaxy, Smartphones, and iPhones.

Our Team

We fill in the gaps that tech companies overlook. We understand how people use their products in the real world, unlike the manufacturer Support pages.  We provide you the detail guides and reviews.

Cassandra Brucelo

Author & Tech Writer

A Tech lover at heart and loves writing

Michael Patterson​

Lead Editor and Chief

We write what we love.

Margo Cargies

Lead UI/UX Designer​

Design and Making things beautiful is my passion.

Alex Patterson


Tech is my passion and first love. Let’s write!

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Our headquarters are located in California but the editorial staff works remotely around the world.

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