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Does the galaxy s21 have a headphone jack? Although there haven’t been many modifications between the S21 and S20, there have been a few small ones that have helped the S21 become a more reasonable option. This version of Samsung’s flagship smartphone will not have a charger, similar to the iPhone 12. This helps to keep the cost of the new smartphone low while also reducing electronic waste.

Does the galaxy s21 have a headphone jack?
Does the galaxy s21 have a headphone jack?

When it comes to smartphones, Samsung has always been renowned for their superior build quality and modern aesthetic. The Galaxy S21 series is no exception. The business wants to keep providing customers with top-notch products at competitive prices.

Some prospective customers would be left wondering what more might be omitted as a result of this. The first Galaxy series phone to go on sale without a headphone jack was the Samsung Galaxy S20 range, which debuted in March 2020. This occurred after Apple started making iPhones without the 3.5mm headphone connector a number of years prior. What about the Galaxy S21, though?

Will the headphone jack be resurrected with the Galaxy S21?

The headphone jack will be absent from Samsung’s Galaxy S series phones indefinitely. There is no headphone jack on any Galaxy S21 model, including the S21 Plus and S21 Ultra.

What does this entail for owners of Samsung smartphones, then? The Galaxy S21 does not have a headphone socket, but there are a few solutions for headphones that do not have a 3.5mm connector.

How to connect your Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra to wired headphones

Both wired and wireless headphones are available. In addition to having different forms, they also connect to the phone differently. If your headphones are wired, all you have to do is plug them into the matching 3.5mm jack connector.

Connect your Samsung Galaxy S21 on wired headphone
Connect your Samsung Galaxy S21 on wired headphone

This connector may be found on the smartphone’s top or bottom sides. Additionally, the smartphone might not immediately have a headphone jack. You will then need to utilize a unique adaptor, which is frequently provided in the gadget kit. If not, you’ll need to buy an adaptor or headphones with the appropriate plug.

The matching icon will show up in the status bar if the headphones have been connected successfully. Depending on the Android version, the icon’s look may change.

How to hook up a pair of wireless earbuds to a Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra

Compared to wired counterparts, Bluetooth headphones attach differently. The fact that this kind of headset is wireless accounts for the differences in pairing procedures. To connect blues headphones, you therefore need:

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Does the galaxy s21 have a headphone jack?

  1. Open the settings of your smartphone.
  2. access Bluetooth
  3. activate Bluetooth
  4. Select the name of your headphones by searching for them in the Available Devices tab.
  5. Verify the pairing.
  6. Bluetooth headphones will show up in the Paired Devices section after a successful connection. Here are some other Bluetooth-enabled devices in addition to headphones.

Addressing potential issues

Even though connecting headphones to a smartphone is quite easy, some users have trouble. The most typical issues and solutions are listed below:

  • Wired headphones are not recognized by the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra. Another smartphone might be connected to the headphones. If they are recognized by another device, the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra is the issue. Reconnect the headphones after cleaning the connector.
  • The icon remains on the status bar even when the headphones are unplugged. Such an issue is typically brought on by connection contamination. Try to clean it.
  • Wireless headphones are not picked up by the smartphone. First, check to see whether another device is not attached to the headset. Second, the majority of the time, the Bluetooth headphones’ casing requires you to touch a button before pairing. The instructions contain the particular steps you take in order to use your headphones.

Is there a headphone jack on the Galaxy S20?

Best response: No. Unfortunately, Samsung’s choice to do away with the headphone port on the Galaxy Note 10 has been applied across the whole Galaxy S20 lineup. You’ll need a set of wireless headphones or a USB-C adaptor to listen.

Headphone jack on the Galaxy S20
Headphone jack on the Galaxy S20
  • The Samsung Galaxy S20 ($1,000 at Samsung) is the upcoming hot item.
  • The Samsung Galaxy Buds ($105 at Amazon), the company’s top earbuds.
  • Chilison USB C Headphone Adapter ($20 at Amazon) is an example of how to adapt and overcome.

Samsung wants you to think about buying its new Galaxy Buds

The 3.5mm headphone jack is all but extinct now that Samsung has formally discontinued it on its key flagships, ready or not, love it or loathe it. Even though it could be more expensive, this actually isn’t that big of a concern for most people given how good Bluetooth headphones have improved in recent years.

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It does imply that we won’t be receiving free AKG earphones with our Samsung flagships any longer, which is unfortunate because they were really good. Instead, Samsung wants to give its own Galaxy Buds to Galaxy S20 purchasers.

The good news is that Samsung phones and the Galaxy Buds get along incredibly well. Opening the carrying case for the Buds and unlocking your phone is all it takes to pair them, and you’ll be given the opportunity to do so right away. 

The Samsung Galaxy S20 line of smartphones continues to be among the best produced by the leading Android phone manufacturer. At least some Galaxy S series models could be purchased with a headphone jack prior to the release of these variants. With modern phones, though, such is not the case. For the first time, all models of the Galaxy S20 series lacked a headphone jack.

The ideal wireless earbuds for the Samsung Galaxy S20

wireless earbuds for the Samsung Galaxy S20
wireless earbuds for the Samsung Galaxy S20

1. Galaxy Buds Plus from Samsung

Along with the Galaxy S20 smartphones, Samsung also unveiled new wireless earphones. The Galaxy Buds Plus, which have a similar design to the earlier Galaxy Buds, are their replacement. The new earphones have an 11-hour battery life in addition to capabilities like Qi wireless charging.

 The six-hour battery life of the previous models is almost doubled by this. These new earbuds let you immediately access Spotify. The Galaxy Buds Plus are also available in red, blue, white, and black. Hopefully, the sound quality and other features will convince customers to overlook the absence of a headphone port on the Galaxy S20.

2.Galaxy Buds Pro by Samsung

The business unveiled new, more expensive wireless earphones to coincide with the debut of the new Galaxy S21 phones. Though more expensive than the Plus models, the Galaxy Buds Pro have features like active noise cancellation and 360 Audio compatibility.

 This provides multidimensional sound akin to what you could hear with Apple’s AirPods Max or in gaming headphones. A single charge should provide close to five hours of use. The earphones are cozy to wear and include a reliable microphone.

3.XL7 LG Tone Flex

According to our sister site, Sound Guys, the LG Tone Flex XL7 are among the best wireless earbuds you can now purchase. To keep the cords out of the way while not in use, the neckband design has a retractable earphone mechanism.

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 The earbuds’ excellent sound quality is supported by AAC, and Google Assistant is also supported. Its overall battery life is 10 hours, but more crucially, quick charging is supported. Up to three hours of audio can be obtained with just 10 minutes of charging.

4.Jamison Tarah

For individuals who enjoy working out with their iPhones, the Jaybird Tarah are the ideal wireless headphones. If you run outside in terrible weather, they have IPX7 certification for water resistance, which means they can withstand a lot of sweat and even rain.

 Its battery life is only six hours, but for anyone who uses them in the gym or outdoors, that should be more than enough. Finally, you can purchase these headphones on Amazon for less than $100.

5.BackBeat GO 410 by Plantronics

You won’t be distracted while wearing the Plantronics BackBeat GO 410 wireless headphones because they have real noise-canceling characteristics. Additionally, when they are connected together, the magnetic housings on the Galaxy S20 can instantly pause the audio. 

Finally, these headphones come with a cable that can convert them into classic wired headphones if you still have a smartphone with a headphone jack.

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Conclusion on importance of USB headphones on S21 device

USB-C headphones are still a fantastic choice for individuals who still favor wired headphones for their fundamental sound quality. There may still be issues with listening while charging, but a USB-C audio and charger splitter can take care of that easily!

FAQS about galaxy s21 have a headphone jack

Has a headphone jack been included with the Samsung S20?

C. AKG headset with USB-C port: A set of headphones featuring a unique USB-C port. None of the S20 models include a 3.5mm headset jack.

How can I attach my Samsung Galaxy S20 headphones?

Simply connect your device to a USB-C to 3.5mm adapter, then insert your headphones into the adaptor. You can connect devices that use a common 3.5mm audio connection to your USB-C devices with the Samsung USB-C Adapter.

Is there an auxiliary jack on the Samsung S20?

They do not, however, contain a headphone jack. The Galaxy S20 smartphones need the usage of wireless Bluetooth headphones or USB-C earbuds in contrast to their Galaxy S10 predecessors, which did include the audio connection.

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