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Do you want to put your phone away and go on a family vacation? use voicemail, but How to set up voicemail on galaxy s6? Well, you can do all of that by simply configuring your device’s voicemail system. You could call back later, and you won’t miss any critical calls this way. However, it would be only feasible if your device’s voicemail was functioning properly. We comprehend that it can be aggravating if your Android phone’s voicemail is really not functioning and calls should not go directly to your voicemail.

How to set up voicemail on galaxy s6
How to set up voicemail on galaxy s6

Although since the invention of telephone communications, voicemails had also existed in some form or another. Despite how quickly technology is developing, this feature nevertheless finds its way onto every smartphone. The benefit of this is that even though your phone is off, you won’t be getting any missed calls. One voicemail box will receive the voicemails left by your callers, which you can access at a later time. You can adhere to our advice.

1. Set Up a Basic Visual Voicemail Greeting – Samsung

  1. Swipe required to enter all apps from either the Home screen, then select the Voicemail Visual Voicemail app.
  2. Select the Menu symbol from either the Visual Voicemail inbox (upper-right).
  3. Then select Standard greetings under Settings.
  4. Choose a voicemail greeting, whereupon click OK:
  • Salutation with Phone Number
  • Saying hello by name
  1. To record your name, tap the Record symbol, then click the Stop icon, then perhaps the Menu icon.
  2. Click Save.
  3. unique greeting
  4. To record a personalized welcome, tap the Record symbol, then press the Stop icon.
  5. Click Save.

Video: Samsung Galaxy S6 / S6 Edge Voicemail setup

Here is the video of the simple setup of the Samsung Galaxy s6

What is the easy way to set up my Samsung device?

2. How to set up voicemail on galaxy s6

When your smartphone was initially activated, your carrier or internet provider should really have transform the original password enabling voicemail access. However, bear in mind however not all carriers employ passwords for voicemail. Users should verify with them first whether you are unsure of whether this service is activated or if you forget the password.

Set Up Voicemail on Samsung Galaxy S6
Set Up Voicemail on Samsung Galaxy S6

Here’s what you’ve been doing after you’ve resolved that:

  1. Tap Phone in the app drawer after opening it.
  2. Select the phone dialer icon in the bottom-right corner when you can see the contact list pop up.
  3. Click and hold on the number 1 key while you’re in the keypad dialer.
  4. Currently, one of two components may occur. One, if the voicemail feature is active, your phone will reach the voicemail number and ask users to enter an existing password or establish a new one. At this point, you could also be requested to record your greeting message. Additionally, you’ll receive a notice asking you to enter your voicemail number if your carrier didn’t set up this service whenever your device was first enabled.
  5. If the first scenario is the case, follow the instructions provided by your carrier to finish setting up your voicemail. In the event that you’re prompted to insert your voicemail number, tap on Add Number.
  6. If the first situation applies, finish configuring your voicemail by following the directions given by your carrier. If you are asked to enter your voicemail number, select Add Number.
  7. If you do not, however, know your voicemail number, you can ask your carrier for it by calling them or searching online for “voicemail number + [your carrier name] + [your country].” 
  8. After finishing setting up your voicemail, adhere to the instructions supplied by your service provider. Note: It is possible that you have the wrong voicemail number set up if you have switched service providers or purchased a second-hand phone. In situations like this, tap Phone after opening the App Drawer. After that, touch More and then choose Settings.
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Go to Settings, scroll together all way down to Voicemail settings, and afterwards press on the entry. A pop-up will appear, allowing you to modify the voicemail number.

3. How to set up voicemail on Android

Setup for Android Voicemail

By depressing the 1 key upon that dial pad again until the phone calls your 10-digit contact information, Android phones might reach voicemail.

Setup for Android Voicemail
Setup for Android Voicemail

Your mailbox will instantly connect, and you will be asked for your temporary password. Your phone number appears last four digits plus the numbers key make up this password.

If the aforementioned does not enable you to access your voicemail account, adhere to these steps:

  1. Klick on the three dots (upper right corner of screen)
  2. Select “Settings”
  3. Select “Voicemail”
  4. Select “Advanced settings.”
  5. Click “Setup
  6. Select “Voicemail number.””
  7. Tap “OK” after entering your 10-digit phone number.
  8. When return towards the main menu, use the home key.

Access Your Twigby Voicemail from Another Phone:

  • Contact your 10-digit Twigby number and waited for the call to be transferred to voicemail.
  • Enter * (Star) once your voicemail greetings has started.
  • After entering your passwords, press the # (Pound) key.

Where is voicemail settings on Android Phone?

Where is voicemail settings on Android Phone?
Where is voicemail settings on Android Phone?
  1. Activate the Phone app.
  2. Choose More options in the top right corner.
  3. Select Settings. Voicemail.
  4. By selecting Advanced Settings Service, customers can switch the carrier that manages your voicemails. Tap Advanced Settings Setup to configure your voice mail. Tap Notifications to modify your notification settings

4. How to Set Up Visual Voicemail on Samsung Galaxy S6

Honestly, I believe Samsung has one of the greatest voicemail management systems. Visual voicemail is a quick and simple way to access your voicemail as well as allows you to skip directly to the message you want to hear without having to listen to all of the other messages first.

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This is how to set up visual voicemail with Samsung Galaxy S6 handsets whether you’re ready:

  1. Open the App Drawer on the home screen, then hit the Visual Voice Mail entry.
  2. You’ll be guided through a few introduction screens that highlight a few of Visual Voicemail’s features. To set up the service, tap Start.
  3. Users will indeed be prompted to initialize your voicemail if you are a potential customer or if you’ve not already done so. However, whether you followed that the very first tip, it won’t. In either case, tap End Call after entering your voicemail password.
  4. Ones Visual Voicemail must now be set up after a brief delay. On the following screen, you can either select Ok to move on to the next step or Set your own greeting.
  5. Open the App drawer from your home button and touch on Visual Voicemail to access a voicemail left using this service.
  6. Your voicemails will be listed for you to see. You can choose to see all of them or only the ones you haven’t listened to yet by tapping the New tab.
  7. You can hear a voicemail by hitting the Play icon whenever you open it. Touch the trash can icon, then tap Erase, to remove a message.

5. How do I reset my voicemail PIN on Android?

Check your voice mailbox and then follow these instructions to change your PIN via the voicemail system.

How do I reset my voicemail PIN on Android?
How do I reset my voicemail PIN on Android
  1. Choose 2 to Change PIN
  2. the Voice Manager page.
  3. Choose Settings.
  4. Go to Settings for Messages.
  5. Choose Modify Voicemail PIN.
  6. Enter your new PIN and then hit “confirm” on the Voicemail PIN panel.
  7. Select “Done”

6. How do I set up a Voicemail greeting on my Samsung Phone?

How to customize your Android voicemail greeting

  1. Launch the Phone app with Android smartphones with an OS higher than Android 5 (Lollipop).
  2. Next, hold down the “1” key to contact your voicemail.
  3. Now type in your PIN and hit “#.”
  4. To access the menu, press “*.”
  5. In change settings, press “4”
  6. To modify your welcome, press “1.”

7. Fix Voicemail Not Working on Android

Fix Voicemail Not Working on Android
Fix Voicemail Not Working on Android

1.Review the voicemail settings.

The first approach is to look at your voicemail preferences. You could not hear voicemails of your device if the voicemail options are configured incorrectly occasionally.

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1. Using your device, access the phone call app, and then tap the three dots in the top-right of cornercreen.

2. Then, depending on the options on your device, navigate to Settings or Call Settings.

3. Open Voicedge email by scrolling down.

4. Review your voicemail settings in the voicemail area. Make sure you choose the appropriate network provider for your voicemail.

5. Additionally, you can view and modify your voicemail address. Anyone can dial the number on your voicemail to listen to your messages.

2. Utilize an external Voicemail app.

Only after the network provider for your smartphone authorizes it can you deploy a third-party voicemail app. You can resolve the voicemail never working on Android problem with the aid of these third-party voicemail applications.

3. Adapt the Voicemail application.

You can see whether there are any app organizations have recently if you use the voicemail app provided by your carrier. Your voicemail may not be operating correctly on your device if you would use an outdated version.

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Conclusion on recommended tools that might help to set up your Voicemail

A typical fix for phone issues is to turn the device off, remove the battery (if applicable), and wait some few minutes. After that, switch along the phone again with the new battery. Give the phone five to ten minutes to reconnect and sign up for the network. This usually solves the problem. Because so many phone features differ from model to model, users can indeed address a variety of problems by adhering to the instructions in the user manual.

We advise utilizing the Restoro Repair Tool to replace damaged and missing files in the repository if none of the other methods have indeed been able to fix the problem for you. When a system corruption is the cause of the problem, this usually solves it.

Whenever users call to reach voicemail, this same system also asks you for a password by defaults; for your protection, we advise leaving this feature on. Modify your voicemail password frequently for added security. This assists in preventing unwanted access to your voicemail either your phone or perhaps another phone.

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