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You shouldn’t really be scared to turn your mobile phone off occasionally, but one of your question is How to set up voicemail on galaxy s7? even if it can feel impossible to cut oneself off from the outside world. After all, any unanswered messages and missed calls will travel directly to your voicemail box for you to retrieve and handle at a later time.

How to set up voicemail on galaxy s7
How to set up voicemail on galaxy s7

With your Samsung Galaxy S7, voicemail may be configured in a number of ways. For instance, according on your carrier, you can have two choices. Let’s employ AT&T. There seems to be Visual Voicemail or AT&T Basic Voicemail. The several methods for turning on voicemail settings on either a Samsung Galaxy S7 are covered throughout this article.

We’ve produced a list of all potential fixes that ought to assist you in identifying and permanently resolving the problem. So let’s get started without further ado.

Video: Samsung Galaxy S7 /S7 Edge Voicemail Setup

Here is an actual setup on Samsung S7 in voicemail.

Easy guide to know how to set up your device

How to set up voicemail on galaxy s7

Set Up Basic Voicemail
Set Up Basic Voicemail
  • First, touch the Phone button just on home screen.
  • Press the Voicemail icon from the “Phone” or “Dialer” menu, or press and hold the 1 key.
  • Following connection, established your mailbox and retrieve your messages by listening to the audio prompts.
    • Following the audio prompts to set up your new voicemail box for new users.
    • Changes to your device: Your existing voicemail should still be connected to your account. You can reach this mailbox by using your voicemail’s current password.

Set Up AT&T Visual Voicemail

Download and install the AT&T Visual Voicemail application via the Google Play store.

Set Up AT&T Visual Voicemail
Set Up AT&T Visual Voicemail
  1. you may reach the Play Store.
  2. Click the magnifying glass icon, then type “AT&T Visual Voicemail” into the search box.
  3. Select AT&T Visual Voicemail after that.
  4. Click Install to finish.
  • Access the AT&T Visual Voicemail program once it has been installed.
  • Select Call Voicemail.
  • When you are connected towards the responsive voicemail system, log in using your current password or, whether this is your first time, establish a new account.

What is the procedure for Turning off Voicemail on my Samsung Galaxy s7?

From a Home screen, select the following icons: Phone icon > Menu icon > Settings.

  1. Press the Phone icon after scrolling up to reveal all applications if it is not immediately apparent.
  2. From either the drop-down option, choose Voicemail.
  3. If no one can contact you, choose Call Settings > Voicemail.
  4. Pressing and holding the Visual Voicemail switch to toggle it on or off.
  5. Pick Notifications if the choice is not available.
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Request New Voicemail Settings From Your Carrier

Despite the fact that you could think your voicemail settings are perfect, there could occasionally be a dispute between them on your Android smartphone and your mobile phone. You can ask your carrier for new settings to set up your voicemail to assist you get around these problems.

Request New Voicemail Settings From Your Carrier
Request New Voicemail Settings From Your Carrier

Your carrier and location will determine how you accomplish this. You might also be utilizing a visual voicemail program that enables you to listen to, save, or eliminate voicemails via a voicemail app.

When you’ve been downgraded (or upgraded), you might need new settings delivered to your device in order for it to function because this service is frequently more expensive for you.

Update the voicemail app on your phone carrier.

Depends on the voicemail provider you use, your smartphone may already have a voicemail app provided by your carrier loaded on it. If you use a next-generation visual voicemail service, this seems to be particularly true.

Check for updates if a carrier-issued app isn’t functioning properly. Additional innovations and bug fixes are frequently included in app updates, which might help alleviate common problems.

Utilize an external voicemail app

It could be possible to install a third-party voicemail program, albeit this might not be available for all network providers. Bypassing any difficulties you may have manually dialing your voicemail or using a carrier app that contains bugs may be made possible with this.

You may test out a number of independent voicemail applications on the Google Play Store.

For assistance, speak with your carrier

Whether your voicemail settings are still ineffective, there could be a problem with both the service your network provider offers. The best course of action at this time is to contact your carrier to make sure there may not be a problem or malfunction that has to be fixed with additional technical assistance.

Ways to Fix Voicemail Not Working

Fix Voicemail Not Working
Fix Voicemail Not Working


You may begin by first resetting your phone. Restarting your phone should solve any small issues brought on by background processes or apps.


Toggling Airplane Mode from one to another is a clever approach to reestablish cellular service connectivity for your smartphone. This ought to assist in resolving any network-related difficulties and restore voicemail functionality.


You can proceed to check your voicemails and see whether the voicemail service is functioning properly. Open the Phone software can be downloaded to get started.

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As a final option, you may choose to reset the network settings on your Android if voicemails are still not functioning on it. If you do something which, everything in your stored Wi-Fi networks, Bluetooth devices, and network setup preferences will indeed be deleted and reverted to their default values.

10 Steps to Setup Voicemail Samsung Galaxy

1. Open the “Phone” program.

2. Use the three dots to switch between them in the top right corner.

3. From either the drop-down menu, choose “Settings.”

4. As from drop-down option, choose “Voicemail.”

5. Out from drop-down menu, choose “Voicemail Settings.”

6. This same green number which displays beneath the words “Voicemail number” should be noted.

7. This same number following Step 6 (including the *) should be entered once more into the dialer.

8. Simply by pressing phone button to place a call.

9. The correct phone number has been entered into the voicemail box.

10. By using the Enter key, you may go back to the Start screen.

What Should I do if I want to change my Voicemail Greeting?

Follow the below instructions to utilize an alternative welcome that you have recently recorded and then go back to the standard greeting:

From your phone, launch the “Google Voice” program.

Choose Menu in the top left corner of the screen to open the Settings menu.

Choose Voicemail greeting from either the drop-down menu in the Voicemail section.

Touch More next to every greeting you want to use, then select Set as active to make it active.

How to change your voicemail greeting on Android?

  1. Launch the Phone app on Android devices with an OS higher than Android 5 (Lollipop).
  2. Next, hold down the “1” key to contact your voicemail.
  3. Now type in your PIN and hit “#.”
  4. To access the menu, press “*.”
  5. With change settings, press “4”
  6. To modify your welcome, press “1.”

What is difference between voicemail and Visual Voicemail?

Direct-access voicemail with either a visual user interface is known as visual voicemail. Instead of just the sequential listening necessary with typical voicemail, such an interface provides a list of messages during playback and might even contain a transcript within each message.

Is it Possible to turn off my Voicemail on my Samsung S20?

Possible to turn off my Voicemail on my Samsung S20
Possible to turn off my Voicemail on my Samsung S20

Method 1: Voicemail can be turned off using a code.

Step 1: Upon your desktop, click the Phone Dialler icon.

Step 2: In order to disable voicemail on your smartphone in this step, you must call a special code.

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Step 3: At this point, all you need to do is input your carrier’s code. You may quickly get this code by going to the carrier’s official website.

Step 4: Once the code has been dialed, wait for the connection before continuing. A language voicemail PIN, your account password, and/or additional authentication details may be requested of you.

Step 5: After connecting, just tell the customer service team that you really want your voicemail service switched off.

Method 2: Disable Call forwarding  

  1. Select the Voice Call symbol, which looks like a phone, by clicking it.
  2. Choose any menu item from the drop-down menu after that.
  3. Choose Settings from the menu.
  4. Each drop-down choice will say Supplementary Services; choose that.
  5. Calling Forwarding can be chosen from the drop-down menu.
  6. From the drop-down option, choose Voice Call.
  7. Choose Always Forward call to from the menu options.
  8. Selecting Disabled is the last step.

Why is my phone not getting voicemails?

Make sure the voicemail and greeting are correctly configured on the Phone app’s voicemail tab first. By directly contacting the number, you may also verify that call forwarding is off and that the carrier’s voicemail system is operational.

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Set up Voicemail on Samsung

Life seems to be so linked in recent years that we occasionally wish we could take a break and not be compelled to check our phones constantly.

It is preferable if you are aware of how to installed voicemail on Android or iPhone and maybe you’ll be away from some of the other organizations or engagements without constantly worrying about missing any crucial calls in those circumstances.

Conclusion in terms of the Notification of a certain voicemail

The Galaxy S7’s cache files may be easily cleared by going to the Settings menu. This is one of the simplest ways to unstick a voicemail notification on the device. Continue reading for a step-by-step explanation on how to accomplish it.

On something like a Samsung Galaxy S7, the voicemail notification is frozen. The notice remains and is not removed, however after checking voicemail notifications and deleting voicemail. on the Galaxy S7, how to clean cache.

On the Samsung Galaxy S7, S7 Edge, or S7 Plus, you receive a voicemail symbol in your notification tray when you do get a voicemail. Before you check your voicemail, this icon won’t disappear and won’t be able to be deleted.

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