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How to turn off read receipts on Samsung galaxy s10? Read receipts are a nice way to know when someone has received and read your text messages, but they have a downside in that you might not want other people to know if you’ve received or read their messages. Additionally, it can be annoying to receive repeated notifications that your messages have been opened. 

How to turn off read receipts on Samsung galaxy s10
How to turn off read receipts on Samsung galaxy s10

While MMS multimedia messages can additionally notify the sender that their message has been opened and read, regular SMS merely offer the ability to send notifications regarding message delivery. If you’d prefer to disable some or even all delivery reports on your Samsung Galaxy S10, we know how to do that.

How to turn off read receipts on Samsung galaxy s10

1. Start the Messages application.

2. To reveal a pop-up menu icon, simply tap the triple dots.

3. Select Settings.

4. On the “Message Settings” tab, choose “More Settings.”

5. Then select Text Messages.

6. Slide the key to the left to disable “Delivery reports.”

7. To get back to the previous screen, tap the Back button.

8. Activate “Multimedia Messages.”

9. By sliding the button to the left, “Delivery reports” can be turned off.

10. Likewise, turn off “Read reports.”

You will stop getting read receipts after you turn off these settings, and everyone you text will likewise stop getting these alerts.

Video: How to Disable Delivery Report on the Samsung Galaxy S10 

On a Samsung Galaxy S10, how can you tell whether someone has read your text?

You will see either Read Receipts, Send Read Receipts, or Request Receipts, depending on the type of phone you have, the operating system it uses, and the cellular service provider. Activate the relevant setting. Go to Messages > Menu > Settings > Chat settings on a Samsung phone. You can turn on read receipts here.

How to Learn More About the Text Message Delivery Reports Setting? 

Text Message Delivery Reports Setting
Text Message Delivery Reports Setting

If you already have a delivery report enabled, this technique will function.

1. Locate the SMS for which you want a delivery report.

2. For a few seconds, press and hold the message.

3. When a menu appears, select “Read more” or “View details” from the options.

On your screen, you’ll see a report letting you know whether the message was successfully sent. You will only know whether the message was sent successfully if the report function is not enabled.

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How to Turn on Text Message Delivery Report on the Samsung Galaxy S10

Delivery reports are offered without cost. If your text message receiver has received it, you will be informed immediately. This functionality is quite useful. Why? You don’t need to send your text message again even if your intended receiver is out of sight, their phone is off, or it is out of reach. As soon as their smartphone switches on or activates, they will instantly get it. You will also be informed as soon as they receive it as well as informed.

 Turn on Text Message Delivery Report
Turn on Text Message Delivery Report

Your Samsung Galaxy S10’s reports feature will let you know if the message hasn’t reached the intended recipient yet. Continue reading for a step-by-step tutorial on how to activate SMS reports on your Samsung Galaxy S10 if this seems appealing to you and you’d like to have it.

1. Activate the home screen on your Samsung Galaxy.

2. Choose the “Settings” app from the “App” menu icon.

3. then choose Apps from the menu.

4. choose messages.

5. Then select Advanced Settings.

6. then select SMS from the menu.

7. Discover reports by scrolling through the available options.

8. The function can then be activated by clicking the switch next to it.

Once you turn on this function, each time you send a text message using the Samsung Galaxy, you’ll also get a delivery alert when your recipient reads it. Just keep in mind that it only counts as a confirmation of receipt if the recipient actually received it, not as a read report. You won’t be able to tell if your person has read the message that way. If the person is simply ignoring your messages, it won’t let you know.

You now have all the information you need to switch off the delivery report on your Samsung Galaxy S10 and understand what it is. If you have any queries or would want to share information about your Galaxy, please leave a comment below. If you want to learn how to remove a SIM card from a Galaxy S10 without using a tool, read on.

On the Galaxy S9, how can I enable delivery reports?

Supply Report

  1. Your Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ should be turned on.
  2. Select the Settings app from the App menu.
  3. Next, choose Applications from the list of possibilities.
  4. Decide on the Messages.
  5. Select Advanced Settings by clicking.
  6. After that, select SMS.
  7. The Delivery Reports can be found by scrolling through the available options.
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Why do I receive a text message delivery report?

Delivery report is the email you receive from an SMCS (Short Message Service Center) confirming that the SMS you sent from your device reached its target. In other words, an SMS delivery report displays the status of the text messages you sent to the carrier as of the moment.

How do you disable the Samsung delivery report?

How to stop receiving reports about text message delivery

1 Open the Messages application.

2 Select “More options” (three dots).

3 Select “Settings.”

4 Click on “More settings.”

5 Click on “Text messages.”

6 Press the switch to make “Show when delivered” inactive.

Why won’t my Samsung read receipts work?

Go to settings > Chat settings and turn off then back on the transmit receipt and sharing typing indicators. To confirm, try texting your Samsung Android buddies one more. Yes, you ought to be able to delete it.


When you tap “Settings,” the following menu will appear:

There is still a lot to look over, but at the very least, you should check your “Spam prevention” settings. When you’re ready to stop receiving those annoying read receipts, tap the “Chat features” button that has been highlighted.


Simply tap on the adjacent red symbol to turn off read receipts. While you’re about it, you can also turn off “display typing indications” to have a tiny bit more privacy when sending texts on your Android phone.

The scoop is that. Now that you know how, you may stop your phone from sending read receipts for SMS messages. But it’s up to you how you handle the subsequent discussion with your partner.

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Read receipts from WhatsApp

Built-in read receipts for messages are shown next to them in WhatsApp as checkmarks. Two grey check marks indicate that the message was delivered, two grey check marks indicate that it was sent, and two blue check marks indicate that it was read.

Here’s how to turn off read receipts in WhatsApp if you don’t want senders to know whether you have read their messages:

  1. Open WhatsApp and click the gear icon in the lower-right corner to access settings.
  2. Click Account.
  3. Click Privacy.
  4. To stop the other person from knowing when you’ve viewed a message, toggle off Read Receipts.
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Conclusion on turn off read receipts on Samsung galaxy s10

I’ll end this section by explaining how to disable read receipts on any Samsung Galaxy phone. You should now be able to disable message delivery reports on your Samsung Galaxy Phone, I hope. Feel free to leave a comment in the box below.

Please do not hesitate to ask if you need help with any feature on your phone; we would be happy to provide feedback.

FAQS about read receipts on Samsung galaxy s10

On a Samsung Galaxy S10, how can you tell whether someone has read your text?

Press “Messages” (the green icon with a white text bubble inside it).Set Send Read Receipts to On. When you read someone else’s message, others are aware. You’ll notice Read beneath your message and the time it was read if your recipient enabled read receipts as well.

Why do some texts from Samsung say they have been read but others don’t?

The Messages app, whether it is made by Google or Samsung, must have read receipts enabled, and the carrier must support this functionality for it to function. You cannot check to see if your receiver has viewed your message unless read receipts are enabled for your recipient.

How can I disable read receipts for a single user?

By going to Messages > Send Read Receipts in the Settings app, users can globally enable or disable read receipts. By selecting a specific contact in the Contacts app, selecting Info, and changing the toggle next to Send Read Receipts, users can also individually enable or disable read receipts.

How do I turn off read receipts?

How to Turn Off Read Receipts on Android?

Go to the Message settings menu, and click on general settings. Then, click on the Chat features option. You will see the Send read receipts toggle option.

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