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Are you tired of the downloaded theme and wish to revert to the default theme on your Samsung Galaxy S9? How to turn off themes on galaxy s9? You’re looking for the original icons, the original typeface, or the default colors. On such an Android smartphone, it is simple to alter a theme and hence revert to the default theme. It also allows you to revive the home page’s original appearance.

How to turn off themes on galaxy s9
How to turn off themes on galaxy s9

Samsung, the world’s biggest Android smartphone maker, has gone a long way in terms of user experience in recent years. It has removed the terrible TouchWiz era from its past and is rebuilding it with the much-loved One UI, which is not only packed with functionality but also surprisingly simple to use, but it also allows users to customize their devices as they see fit.

Although, there seems to be a constraint for customers who wish to customize the look of their device by utilizing themes. However, users cannot enable default night mode when using a third-party theme from either the Galaxy Themes shop.

1. How to change the default theme on Samsung Galaxy S9?

We’ve written a whole post about modifying the theme on either an Android phone. It all depends on whether you only want to alter the color of your messages on your Samsung Galaxy S9 or totally improve the shape of your icons, font, and home screen design.

If you really want to modify the theme of your Samsung Galaxy S9, you should read our post here about how to change the theme on something like a Samsung Galaxy S9. You will be capable of changing certain paid or free Android themes by navigating instantly through into the theme library given by your Samsung Galaxy S9 or even on the Google Playstore.

Video: How do I remove themes from my Samsung lock screen?

Easy way to remove the themes on your certain Samsung Galaxy Device.

Remove themes from my Samsung lock screen

2. How to delete a theme on Samsung Galaxy phones

Delete a theme on Samsung Galaxy phones
Delete a theme on Samsung Galaxy phones

How to turn off themes on galaxy s9?

  1. Click and press an empty place on the home screen of your phone.
  2. Select “Themes.” Samsung themes
  3. To see all of your themes, choose “View all.” galaxy themes shop
  4. Select the Default theme in the My themes section and then click galaxy default theme
  5. Then, open the theme that you wish to delete.
  6. To get rid of it, click “Delete.” delete the Galaxy S9 theme
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And that is all! The chosen theme will be erased, and you will be able to switch to night vision without issue. As you can see in the picture below, the remove option is not displayed for a certain theme while it is active. To summarize, you can only delete a theme because it is no longer in use.

3. Can you change individual visual elements of a theme?

Change individual visual elements of a theme
Change individual visual elements of a theme

A theme, besides an icon pack or wallpaper, will be an all material. It implies that you can’t remove an icon pack from a theme while keeping the menus, or remove the menus while keeping the icon packs and wallpaper. For better or worse, you can only eliminate the complete thing. You only get a sense of freedom when it comes to wallpapers.

4. Remove Icon Pack only

Delete Icon Pack
Delete Icon Pack

Icon packs, like themes, may be applied and removed from your One UI smartphone. Navigate towards the Galaxy Themes section, whether through Settings whether by holding any vacant place upon that home screen, and press on ‘My Stuff.’ Next, navigate to the ‘Icons’ page.

5. How to remove themes from third-party apps

Of course, there have been a plethora of third-party programs available, many of which personalize your screen. These programs are known as launchers, and they each have their own selection of themes.

If you want to revert to the launcher’s default theme, navigate to the program settings. To return to One UI’s basic theme, however, you must disable the launcher. You might alternatively remove the program to complete the task.

6. Reset the theme to default through your home screen

On something like a Samsung Galaxy S9, changing the default theme back is a simple process in practice. Simply adhere to the instructions listed below:

  • Make a lengthy press on a spot upon that home page devoid of applications.
  • after which select themes; occasionally, an icon will appear in your Themes home.
  • Choose one of the options provided to you my theme, my stuff, my theme, to view the themes compatible with your Samsung Galaxy S9 device.
  • select “default theme” and “install”
  • Here, you have restored your Android phone’s original theme.

Choose the default theme in dark theme?

Upon that Samsung Galaxy S9, you must first navigate to the options menu and then pick Theme to switch the default theme to a dark one. You will be presented with high contrast themes provided your Android phone supports them. High contrast theme or High Contrast Theme are the two common terms.

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How do I change my theme to normal?

Turn on or off the dark theme.

  1. Activate the Voice app.
  2. Tap Menu in the top left corner. Settings.
  3. Tap Theme under Display Options.
  4. Choose the Light theme for all of this device, which features a white background and dark lettering. Dark—Black lettering on a black backdrop. System default – Utilizes the setting on the Android device.

7. How to Get Your Old Android Theme Back 

 How to Get Your Old Android Theme Back?
How to Get Your Old Android Theme Back?

You may want to periodically revert to the default settings if you’ve installed various launchers on your Android phone and indeed the home screen now looks completely different from how it did before. That is how to restore your old original Android theme and restart your Android home screen.

Choose your launcher theme, hit Settings upon your Android smartphone.

  • Tap Select Default Launcher.
  • Tap System Launcher.

8. How do I stop Samsung themes from running in the background?

  • To bring down the notification shade, swipe downward from the top of the screen.
  • Upon your screen, click the Settings option in the upper right corner.
  • To scroll down, swipe up.
  • Click Themes.
  • With in top right corner of the page, click delete.
  • To delete a theme or themes, simply tap on them.

9. How do I change my theme back to normal on Android?

That is how to restore your old original Android theme and reset your Android home screen.

  • For your launcher theme, hit Settings on your Android smartphone.
  • Click Choose Default Launcher.
  • Select System Launcher.
  • Whatever home screen you originally had on your phone has now been restored.

How to turn off themes on xiaomi?

Selecting a theme on an Android mobile device is, in fact, pretty convenient. In order to return to the former theme, you must first uninstall the new one. Additionally, it will be possible to restore the original font, color, and icon settings.

  1. Reset the home page’s default theme.
  2. And certainly, a Xiaomi makes it quite simple to restore the default theme. Simply adhere to the instructions below:
  3. Long-press a spot on the reception where there are no apps.
  4. Second, select themes; occasionally, an icon will appear immediately in your Themes home.
  5. Choose from the themes offered by your Xiaomi by selecting my theme, my items, my theme, or me.
  6. select the default installer and theme
  7. You may now restore your Android phone’s default theme by clicking here.
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How to change the default theme on Xiaomi?

The topic of changing the theme on an Android phone has its own entire article. Everything really depends according to whether you only want to change the color of your Xiaomi messages or even completely decide how your icons, typeface, and aesthetic of your reception will seem.

It is suggested that you read our post on how to change the theme on a Xiaomi if you wish to do so. You can choose from a variety of premium or unpaid themes for your Android smartphone by visiting either the theme library provided by Xiaomi or the Google Play Store.

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10. Can I force stop galaxy themes?

Force stop galaxy themes
Force stop galaxy themes

A secure approach to do it is to go to applications and galaxy themes but also press force stop in the hopes that it would turn the program off and remove the icon too though, but not permanently delete it. That was one of those built-in Android apps that can’t be erased unless you root your phone.

Where were all the themes for Samsung kept?

Select on the three-bar icon in the top-left corner of the Galaxy Theme shop app to do that. My Stuff can be found on the menu. Your icon packs, themes, and wallpapers may indeed be found here.


An official Samsung app Galaxy Themes allows you to change the theme of your smartphone. This software has a ton of choices for constantly changing the appearance of your smartphone if you’re sick with the way it looks. It comes preinstalled on your Samsung smartphone and is really easy to use.

It could be quite practical to personalize a theme on an Android mobile device. You want to disable the new theme and then switch back to the default. You will be able to restore the pre-installed theme, which is the theme that your Samsung Galaxy S9’s manufacturer has recommended, as well as the original icons, font, and text color.

On either an Android phone, selecting a theme and then returning towards the default theme will be simple. You’ll be able to restore your home screen’s original appearance for this reason as well.

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