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How to turn off visual voicemail on galaxy s9?, remove voicemail from a Samsung S9 Plus, and disable voicemail on a Samsung device.

How to turn off visual voicemail on galaxy s9?
How to turn off visual voicemail on galaxy s9?

This tutorial will demonstrate how to quickly disable voicemail on your Samsung S9 phone so that no one can leave you a message if they can’t get in touch with you. You should be aware that cell carriers handle the majority of voicemail systems, so you will typically need to contact them for assistance in order to turn off voicemail on your device.

However, you can also perform this action on your own by turning off Call Forwarding on your Samsung S9 Plus. On some networks, this could not impact all voicemail, though.

3 Ways on How to turn off visual voicemail on galaxy s9

1. The best way on How to turn off visual voicemail on the Galaxy S9

Voicemail Blocking Code

Step 1. Open the Phone Dialler icon in

Step 2: In order to turn off voicemail on your device, you must now dial a unique code.

Step 3: Simply enter the code for your carrier. The official website of your carrier makes it simple for you to obtain this code. The popular carrier codes are listed below.

  • Verizon: (800) 922-0204.
  • Sprint: *2
  • AT&T: 611
  • T-Mobile: 611
  • Telus: 611
  • Vodafone: 191
  • Docomo: 151

Step 4: Wait for the connection to establish after dialing the code. A language voicemail PIN, an account password, and/or other information may be required of you.

Step 5: Simply ask the support team to turn off your voicemail service when you are connected. You can now hang up after they’ve confirmed that your voicemail service has been turned off.

How to Use Voicemail on Your Samsung Galaxy S9 / S9+

Here are the easy steps for using a voicemail on Samsung Galaxy S9/S9+.

How can I enable the Voicemail on my Samsung S9

2. On your Samsung S9 Plus, disable call forwarding.

Step 1: Click on the voice call symbol, which is a phone.

Step 2: Next, click the menu button.

Step 3: Select Settings.

Step 4: Tap the Additional Services.

Step 5: choose Call Forwarding.

Step 6: choose Voice Call.

Step 7: click the Always Forward call to button.

Step 8: to choose Disable.

Step 9: Complete. The home button can now be used to get back to your home screen.

3. Get Your Mailbox Full

Step 1: Turn off or put your Samsung mobile in Airplane mode.

Step 2: From a different phone, dial your own number. To make the call, you can use your friend’s phone or online tools like Google Voice.

Step 3: Send a message to yourself. You only need to mention a little sentence to communicate your message.

Step 4: Hang up and carry out Step 3 once more. Repeat it repeatedly until the mailbox is mostly full with 20 or 30 messages.

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Voicemail icon removal instructions for the Samsung S9 Plus

 Icon removal instructions
Icon removal instructions

Simply go to Settings > Applications > Phone and touch on Clear Data and Clear Cache to get rid of the voicemail symbol on your device. The voicemail icon will vanish if you now turn your phone off and then back on again in 10 seconds.

Concerning Samsung Galaxy S9

A great Samsung phone, the Galaxy S9 has a 5.8-inch Super AMOLED screen and a 3D Touch. Exynos 9810 CPU, 64GB, 128GB, or 256GB of memory, together with dual 8 MP rear cameras, power the device. It includes a 3000 mAh non removable battery that charges quickly.

What is Android Visual Voicemail?

You can view voicemail messages as text thanks to the built-in visual voicemail feature of Android. Enter the dialer and select or swipe to voicemails to view voicemails.

What distinguishes voicemail from visual voicemail?

A device-specific application called Visual Voicemail offers more functionality than Voicemail, most notably the ability to view message data on the screen much like an email inbox. The user can decide at their discretion whatever messages they want to listen to now or put off for later.

What’s the point of visual voicemail?

You can receive and listen to messages in any order with the help of the visual voicemail tool. Visually scroll over the messages. Touch to save, archive, or delete messages.

How to configure Android voicemail

Configure Android voicemail
Configure Android voicemail

You should first launch the built-in Phone app. To call your voicemail service, go to the dial screen and press and hold the number 1. You will be asked for your PIN if your voicemail has already been configured. If you forget your PIN, you can reset it, however, the procedure differs depending on your service provider.

You are now prepared to hear voicemails! When you receive a voicemail, if you also have the Visual Voicemail app, which is a native component of most new Android smartphones, a notification will appear for it. Instead than phoning in to hear and handle my voicemails, I prefer to manage them through the Visual Voicemail app.

Here are the detailed directions:

1. Start the Phone app.

2. To reach your voicemail service, dial 1 and hold.

3. If your voicemail is already set up, you will be prompted for a PIN. If you forget it, you can reset it.

4.You’ll hear a notice that says, “No voicemail number is stored on the card,” if you haven’t set up your voicemail.

5. Comply with the directions to configure your voicemail.

6. Hang up.

7.Again, press and hold the number 1. Type in your PIN. It’s all set!

How to locate and modify settings in the Android app for Visual Voicemail

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Modify settings in the Android app for Visual Voicemail

Typically, if you receive a voicemail, the Visual Voicemail box will notify you when it is ready for viewing. To listen to the voicemail, click the notice to launch the Visual Voicemail app. You can access your Visual Voicemail app by clicking a button in the Phone app (pictured below).

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Alternatively, you can search for the Visual Voicemail app using the Search tool or by browsing through all of your installed apps.

The Visual Voicemail software is easy to use once you’ve found it. Once the program is launched, select Settings by tapping the three vertical dots in the top right corner. You can accomplish the following things here:

  • Adapt your voicemail message.
  • Activate the autosave feature.
  • Switch the password on your voicemail.
  • You can decide whether to show message alerts in the status bar.

You have three choices when it comes to altering your voicemail greeting:

  • By default, an automated voice will read your phone number to incoming callers in this voicemail message.
  • Name: Callers will hear your name (which you will have recorded) in this greeting.
  • Custom: The welcome you record will be played as it is tailored.

Proven Fix for the Android Visual Voicemail Problem

1. Permit using background data from visual voicemail

Setting background processes for an application varies depending on the device and carrier. Consequently, the following describes how to enable the use of background data for Visual Voicemail.

Background data from visual voicemail
Background data from visual voicemail
  1. Open the Settings app after unlocking your phone.
  2. Go to “More Settings” or “Applications” and select “App Manager.” Depending on the phone model you have, this step may be different.
  3. A number of system applications and those you’ve downloaded on your Android phone will be visible there. Tap on the “Visual Voicemail” app you find by scrolling and searching for it.
  4. Next, select “Mobile Data.”
  5. Turn on “Allow background data usage”

2. Clear an Application’s Cache and Data

An application’s caches and data can be cleared to address a number of pre-existing problems. Follow the detailed instructions below.

  1. From the program drawer, select “Settings.”
  2. Select “Apps” from the settings by scrolling down.
  3. You can either click “Visual Voicemail” in the list of apps or expand it.
  4. Tap “Clear Cache” after selecting the “Storage” tab.
  5. Go back and tap “Manage Space” and “Clear All Data,” too.

3. Reset network configuration

On an Android phone, a network manager is responsible for the overall network system. A global reset might be used to troubleshoot the network connectivity for certain apps when it becomes corrupted. Find out here how to reset the network settings on an Android phone.

  1. Go to “Settings” after unlocking your phone.
  2. Now, select “General Management” or “System” settings by swiping down the settings menu.
  3. Now select “Reset Network Settings” from the “Reset” option.
  4. Your network settings will be restored to default when you confirm the reset.

4. On/Off Visual Voicemail

Switching between Visual Voicemail can also guarantee the resolution of any software bugs.

  1. Open “Phone” by selecting it in the application drawer.
  2. Tap the three vertical dots in the top-right corner.
  3. Select “Settings” from the dropdown menu.
  4. Go to call settings and select the “Voicemail” option.
  5. If it is currently off, switch the Visual Voicemail on.
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5. Turn off Call Forwarding

If the problem persists, call forwarding may have been enabled on your line. Call forwarding diverts incoming calls from voicemail. Follow the easy instructions below to stop call forwarding.

  1. Call the number by pressing *73 in the “Phone” app.
  2. Disable call forwarding after listening for beeps.
  3. The voicemail service provider might be contacted if the problem still exists for a permanent solution.

6. new version of Visual Voicemail

You might not be able to utilize the service because of issues in the program. These minor problems are more likely to happen if the Android version or the application is out of date. The specific option we would advise you to try is to search the Google Play Store for an application and see if there is an update available.

The “This app is not supported” types of problems should be fixed by an update, which offers new features and bug fixes.

The voicemail service provider might be contacted if the problem still exists for a permanent solution.

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Conclusion on the importance of visual voicemail

These days, visual voicemail transcripts are generally accurate, although they are not always correct. To make sure the voicemail gets things correctly, especially when handling crucial messages, it would assist if you always listened to it. Visual voicemail is great for giving voicemails a quick glance and obtaining a general notion of what the message is about, but never totally rely on it.

FAQS about visual voicemail on galaxy s9

How do I get rid of Visual Voicemail on my Android device?

On a typical Android phone, you may deactivate this by going to Settings > Applications, choosing Visual Voicemail, and then selecting Disable. You can also delete it by going to your phone dialer’s menu, settings, voicemail, and voicemail number.

Can Visual Voicemail be stopped abruptly?

Select visual voicemail under settings>general>application manager>filter:all, then disable or turn off.

On my Samsung Galaxy, how do I get rid of Visual Voicemail?

Basic Visual Voicemail Messages Can Be Removed – Samsung, Swipe up to open all apps from the Home screen, then tap. Voicemail. . Select the desired message from the Visual Voicemail mailbox by tapping it. Continue tapping on other messages to delete more than one message at a time.Then Click the. remove the icon then tap the (upper-right). Delete. to affirm

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