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Imagine you’re up on vacation in a stunning, isolated rural area. There is only one issue: no Wi-Fi! So how to use Samsung galaxy s4 as hotspot

? Fortunately, users may turn on a personal hotspot on either their tablet or smartphone to enable internet access for additional devices.

You may also modify a number of features, including settings to protect the privacy of your hotspot or lower battery consumption. It can actually save your life in some kind of a pinch.

How to use samsung galaxy s4 as hotspot
How to use samsung galaxy s4 as hotspot

Wherever there is a mobile phone signal, your Samsung Galaxy S4 may function as more than just a personal hotspot, enabling a portable internet connection that could also link laptops, tablets, and portable gaming devices to either the Internet.

We repair broken technology. Try to be calm whether you’re having problems deploying your phone as a personal hotspot. Consider out our hotspot maintenance advice to maintain your devices linked wherever you are.

What is a Mobile Hotspot? 

Either 3G or 4G signal through cellular networks is changed together into WiFi signal by a mobile hotspot. Tethering is a common way for PCs and cellphones to share data.

Video: How to Turn On Portable Hotspot in SAMSUNG Galaxy S4 

Here are some simple steps to easily turning on Hotspot on Galaxy S4.

How to Turn on the Hotspot on my device?

1. Does The Galaxy S4 Have A Wi-Fi Hotspot?

With both the Samsung Galaxy S4, users can access to approximately 10 devices without paying anything. You cannot begin if the Galaxy S4’s personal hotspot capability is not enabled. Members of Mobile Share plans have the chance to use your personal hotspot.

Why Is My Samsung Galaxy S4 Hotspot Not Working?

How to use Samsung galaxy s4 as hotspot

By selecting the Settings icon, you may access the Galaxy S4’s settings. Use the More Settings app on your phone to access to Mobile Hotspot. You won’t need to activate your mobile hotspot after that. To establish your hotspot, click the Configure option.

2. Use phone as a modem-Samsung Galaxy S4 mini

Use phone as modem
Use phone as modem

Before you begin

Users may use your phone as a modem even if you’re not connected to the Network or local network and would use the Internet through your computer or indeed any Wi-Fi compatible device.

This article will teach you how to set up an Internet connection connecting your phone and your choice device in a few simple steps.

  1. Choose Apps
  2. Scroll down and click Settings.
  3. Choose More networks
  4. Choose More networks
  5. Connectivity and portable hotspot are options.
  6. Choose Portable Wi-Fi hotspot.
  7. Start the Portable Wi-Fi hotspot.
  8. Click OK.
  9. Choose Configure.
  10. Enter the password of at maximum 8 characters and then click the SaveWi-Fi hotspot password button.
  11. Ones phone is now configured to function as a modem.
  12. Select your phone from the list of Wi-Fi networks on your computer or any other Wi-Fi compatible device and enter your password.
  13. To turn off your Hotspot, simply set Portable Wi-Fi hotspot to off.
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3. How Do I Turn My Samsung Galaxy Into A Hotspot?

Turn My Samsung Galaxy Into A Hotspot
Turn My Samsung Galaxy Into A Hotspot
  1. Choose Connections out from lists of connection in the Settings app.
  2. Tethering and Mobile Hotspot would display the list when you select them.
  3. Users will be prompted to input your PIN in addition to tapping the Toggle for Mobile Hotspot just on right.
  4. Select the button to enable mobile hotspot.
  5. Click Configure to set up your device.
  6. Select Security, Password, or Band either your network’s initial name and password.

4. Timeout settings for Mobile Hotspot

Using your mobile hotspot might cause your battery to drain faster. If no one else is using your mobile hotspot, users may utilize Timeout settings and turn it off automatically. Allow your mobile hotspot to switch off automatically by following the steps below.

Timeout settings for Mobile Hotspot
Timeout settings for Mobile Hotspot

Step 1. In the Mobile Hotspot menu, select Configure.

more information

Step 2. To see the remaining choices, tap Advanced.

more information

Step 3. When there is no device connected, tap Turn off.

more information

Step 4. Choose the length of time until the Mobile Hotspot shuts off.

5. Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 – Change Mobile / Wi-Fi Hotspot Password

Change Mobile / Wi-Fi Hotspot Password
Change Mobile / Wi-Fi Hotspot Password

Find out the procedures below to alter the default password that other devices have been using to connect to your Mobile Hotspot.

  1. Swipe up or down from a Home screen to access all applications.
  2. Browse to the following menus: Settings Settings iconConnections Connectivity iconMobile Hotspot and Tethering
  3. Select Mobile Hotspot.
  4. Select the Password box.
  5. Enter your preferred password here.

How to use your Samsung Galaxy S4 or S3 as a wi-fi hotspot

By following the methods below, you may simply convert your mobile phone into a wi-fi hub. Just note that any devices connected would use data generated out of your data package. If you want to go beyond, you’ll receive charged at the standard cost.

  1. Click the Apps button from either the home screen.
  2. If necessary, scroll to the left and select Settings.
  3. Upon that S4, make sure you are on the Connections page and afterwards click whether on More networks or More settings.
  4. Select More options on the S3.
  5. Clicking Tethering and portable hotspot.
  6. Slide the on-screen button towards the right to activate the Portable Wi-Fi hotspot. Another device can now connect to the S4.
  7. Select the phrase Portable Wi-Fi hotspot. The above document explains how to access from other devices and gives the password (wi-fi key).
  8. Click Configure somewhere at bottom of the screen to adjust some of the other hotspot settings. You will be able to modify the SSID (hotspot name) and password (wi-fi key).
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How Do I Turn My Samsung Galaxy S4 Into A Mobile Hotspot?

  • Those apps will indeed be available through a swipe on the Home screen.
  • Communicate with your computer using the connections tab as part of something like the setup. Connecting to something like a mobile hotspot but also tethering are additional options.
  • You may toggle your mobile Hotspot switch on and off. When prompted, confirm any pertinent information before tapping OK.

How do I make my Samsung a hotspot for free?

Go to Settings > Connections > Mobile Hotspot as well as Tethering on your phone. Tethering, Mobile Hotspot, or Tethering & Portable Hotspot may appear alternatively, dependent upon that Android version as well as manufacturer. Enable Mobile Hotspot. Select a network name and a password.

6. How to Set Up a Mobile Hotspot on a Windows PC

Set Up a Mobile Hotspot on a Windows PC
Set Up a Mobile Hotspot on a Windows PC

For Windows operating systems, take these steps to create a personal hotspot using your computer:

  1. Launch Windows by pressing the Start button. This will be button in the bottom-left corner of your screen that looks like the Windows logo.
  2. Then choose Settings. This really is the gear-shaped logo to the right of the power icon.
  3. Navigate to Network & Internet.
  4. After that, choose Mobile Hotspot. This one will appear on the left sidebar.
  5. Select the connection you wish to share. These selections will indeed be determined by the type of internet connection that your machine has.
  6. Choose Wi-Fi from either the “Share my Internet connection over” drop-down menu.
  7. Check the box next to “Share my Internet connection with those other devices.”

How Can I Connect My Samsung Mobile Hotspot To My Laptop?

Swiping gestures from either the Home screen brings up the Apps tray.

  1. Settings Option to enable the Connections app.
  2. Click on Mobile HotSpot and Tether on your mobile browser.
  3. Connect your device to your computer via a USB cord.
  4. Whenever you wish to share the connection, tap on the USB tethering switch.
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How to Setup a Mobile Hotspot on a Mac

When you’re using a Mac, follow these steps to create a mobile hotspot:

  1. In the upper left corner of your screen, click the Apple symbol.
  2. After that, choose System Preferences.
  3. Choose Sharing.
  4. With in lower-left panel, choose Internet Sharing. 
  5. Select an internet connection from either the “Share your connection from” dropdown menu. Select Ethernet when your PC is linked through Ethernet. Otherwise, iPhone USB seems to be the best option.
  6. Select Wi-Fi from the “To computers using:” drop-down menu. You may now setup your Mac mobile hotspot simply clicking on the WiFi settings icon. When you’re finished, click OK.
  7. When share your connection, select Start upon that pop-up.

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7. How to use and configure a Mobile Hotspot on your Galaxy phone

 Configure a Mobile Hotspot on your Galaxy phone
Configure a Mobile Hotspot on your Galaxy phone

When you use your laptop in such an area where there would be no Wi-Fi, you can access the internet using a Mobile Hotspot. When connect additional devices connected to the internet, activate Mobile Hotspot on your Galaxy phone. Follow the instructions underneath to enable and utilize a Mobile Hotspot.

Before attempting the advice below, ensure that your device’s software and relevant apps were up to date. Know the requirements to update the software on your mobile device:

Step 1. Navigate to Setup > Software Update.

Step 2. Select Download and install.

Step 3. Follow the directions on the screen.


Whenever Wi-Fi networks are unavailable, mobile hotspots come in handy. With this function enabled, you may still connect to the Network on your smartphone using cellular data. This connection may then be accessed with other devices, such as neighboring laptops, tablets, and some other portable devices having tethering capabilities.

It is indeed worth noting that using your phone’s internet connection as a mobile hotspot or tethered may incur additional data charges, depending on current data plan or subscriptions. Talk to your carrier ahead of time to prevent incurring unnecessary costs from utilizing mobile hotspot or tethering.

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