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Waht are the Best iPhone games of all time free? The App Store is teeming with games, but not every iOS game is worth your time. I’ve compiled a list of some of the Best iPhone games of all time free, taking into account genres ranging from action and puzzles to strategy and beyond, to ensure you find something you’re interested in!

Too many of the finest iPhone games are victims of the out-of-sight, out-of-mind business. After a game is released, it slides into the quicksand of mobile gaming garbage, eventually becoming buried behind thousands of free-to-play cash-ins.

Best iPhone games of all time free
Best iPhone games of all time free

iPhone Games to Win Real Money

These iPhone games may be a wonderful way to pass the time whether you’re in the car, at home, or searching for some real competition.

How do I find a game that forgot the name of?

Because there are so many games being released nowadays, it appears that we are forgetting the titles of previous games that we have played.

How do I find a game that forgot the name of?

List of Best iPhone games of all time free

Dead Cells

Dead Cells is a procedurally generated roguelike game featuring randomly generated stages and creatures. This simply implies that your character must crawl through dungeons, battle opponents, and collect various materials to level up.

Dead Cells
Dead Cells

Dead Cells was the craze among independent games when it was launched on PC in 2017, easily outperforming many larger titles with vast budgets. This fantastic game is now accessible for everyone to enjoy on iOS.


Every year, a swarm of video-game journalists congregates in California a few weeks before E3 to check out a few dozen new titles.


Super Stickman Golf was the most popular game of the week for three years, and it was played nonstop on tourist buses and hotel lobbies. The golfer in single-player knocks a ball across a two-dimensional stage, attempting to land it in a hole with as little strokes are necessary. However, in multiplayer mode, the gameplay would become a race.


It’s the mobile version of another PC classic that has captivated the imaginations of both children and adults. If you haven’t heard of Minecraft, it’s a massively multiplayer game in which you may construct everything from tiny dwellings to enormous castles.


Furthermore, regular updates keep the Minecraft universe fresh, exciting, and difficult! Each update improves on the previous one, including new creatures and things.

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Despite being published early in the iPhone’s existence, Spider: The Secret of Bryce Manor remains unparalleled. Perhaps because it is one of the rare video games in which you play as a spider. You create webs, gather insects, and uncover the mystery of a haunted ancient home.


Choosing between that Martian landscape experience and Spider is akin to selecting a favorite flavor of ice cream. It just so happens to be Spider today. It’ll most likely be Waking Mars tomorrow.

Playdead’s INSIDE

It’s a story-driven platformer with intense action and difficult puzzles. You’ll really enjoy it if you enjoyed Limbo, the game’s predecessor from the same creator.

Playdead’s INSIDE
Playdead’s INSIDE

A moody soundtrack and a slightly eerie atmosphere keep you intrigued. It’s a game that should be experienced and engaged in rather than comprehended. If you’re not acquainted with Playdead’s Limbo, you’ll have to give it a shot and see if it’s suit you.


My gaming takes place mostly on trains. I have nothing to do but play games for 30 minutes twice a day, and it’s fantastic.


The App Store descriptions of Super Hexagon describes it as a minimalist action game, but it’s actually an epileptic mind bomb. Your mission is to lead a little triangle through an increasingly tough maze of spinning hexagonal shapes with at least one side open.

Chess Play and Learn

This is a game that will never grow old. Learn it from the ground up or improve your abilities with this wonderful chess software filled with essential features. Play against millions of other gamers from across the world to enhance your ranking.

Chess Play and Learn
Chess Play and Learn

You may also train against a formidable AI opponent. Some interactive tutorials and videos might be useful tools for serious chess players.

Here is some ways that we need to know to be able to recall it:

  • Ask on Forums.
  • Game Databases.
  • Search on Google.
  • Google Images.
  • Search by Google Images.
  • Search by Music From the Game.
  • Look for The Best Game of That Genre.
  • Ask Your Gamer Friend.

Best old iphone games

Undoubtedly, the iPhone has progressed much since then. As technology such as augmented reality continue to improve app usability,

Let’s go back in time to July 2008, when the App Store was initially introduced.

Lightsaber Unleashed

Do you find this repulsive? Let me remind you that the most popular free app in 2008 was iPint, which allowed you to sip a simulated pint of beer on your phone.

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Was indeed a game in which you had to build a Rube Goldberg-style mechanism to direct water droplets into particular tanks. The true mystery here is why I spent so much time playing this game on my mother’s iPhone.


To navigate the ball through the maze, you had to gently tilt your iPhone — but that was part of the pleasure. Labyrinth, like Jelly Car, was one of the first applications to use the iPhone’s accelerometer to control gaming.

Unblock Me

Another game from 2009 that you may recall isthe original iOS games that included moving blocks together unless you could slide the red this out of the box. This game kept me occupied for several hours.

Fruit Ninja

This game was weirdly relaxing in that you chopped very realistic apples in half as they soared through the air.

Flappy Bird

The concept of this game was straightforward: simply tap the screen to maintain Flappy Bird in the air and lead it around obstacles. But no matter how hard I tried, I could never get the timing of my taps right, and poor Flappy would tumble face-first onto the ground.

What was the very first iPhone game?

Apple’s Texas Hold’em gameplay was the very first game launched on the App Store over 11 years ago for the iPhone. Today, apparently out of nowhere, Apple upgraded the game with a revamped version that works on today’s iPhones, as 9to5Mac reported.

 Very first iPhone game
Very first iPhone game

Most Addicting Games

Some video games have a higher level of addiction than others. Modern electronic games are a long cry from traditional games. They’re no longer only meant to entertain for a few hours. Gaming businesses are experts at keeping you hooked.

Also here are some of the tips on how to Screen Record without interruption for your game play Read more

List of Most Addicting Games

World of Warcraft

When World of Warcraft first appeared in 2004, it offered a whole different experience. It enabled degrees of immersion, social interaction, and ongoing growth never before achieved. It actually established the MMO genre.

Clash of Clans

While mobile gaming might be a fun way to pass the time on your commute, the present state of mobile games is in disarray. The business has evolved from enjoyable minigames to companies attempting to milk their users for as much money as possible.

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It’s difficult to point a finger at video games and say, “You’re addicting,” but when mobile gaming is involved, we can confidently claim the contrary.


Although being just three years old, it has become the most popular mobile game of all time. In addition, it established the record for the highest-grossing first month in mobile gaming history, earning Niantic almost $200 million.

Old iphone games for each year

iPhone games for 2010

  • Bounce On 2: Drallo’s Demise
  • Plants vs. Zombies,
  • Fruit Ninja Classic
  • Hook Worlds – GameClub,
  • Pix’n Love Rush
  • Vector Tanks EXTREME!
  • LEGO Harry Potter: Years 1-4
Old iphone games for each year
Old iphone games for each year

iPhone games for 2011

  • Tiny Tower 
  • Cut The Rope: Experiments 
  • Jetpack Joyride 
  • Superbrothers: Sword and Sorcery EP
  • Angry Birds Seasons 
  • League of Evil
  • Temple Run 
  • W.E.L.D.E.R.

iPhone games for 2012

  • Fieldrunners 2
  • Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Ten Year Anniversary
  • The Walking Dead: The Game
  • Bastion
  • New Star Soccer
  • Puzzle Craft
  • Angry Birds Star Wars

Conclusion: Best iPhone games of all time free

In some ways, the list of games above will refresh your memory of the top iphone games of all time that have captured everyone’s heart.

Some of the finest portable video games have been created on the iPhone. Unfortunately, they must be obtained through one of the worst internet markets. Too many of the finest iPhone games are victims of the out-of-sight, out-of-mind business.

FAQS on iPhone Old Games

Can you use an old iPhone to play games?

Fortunately, iPhone games are compatible with all generations of the iPhone and iPod Touch (excluding those that require a camera or microphone for the Touch), and any games purchased for your iPhone may be transferred to your previous device for free.

What is the oldest app in the App Store?

In 1997, the Nokia 6110 contained a built-in rendition of the simple arcade game “Snake,” something that many consider to be the first mobile app.

How many apps are made a day?

A 2016 article at Business of Apps states that the App Store adds approximately 1,000 new apps per day, while Google Play adds about 1,300 new apps per day. Data on regional development of mobile apps was limited.

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