What are the Best iPhone games without ads? Like iPhone gaming however despise advertisements, in-app purchases, and premium apps? Here are all the finest Best iPhone games without ads, no-in-app-purchase free mobile games!

Even while mobile games are on the rise, there are still certain annoyances, such as developers that continue to release free games with an excessive quantity of adverts or deceptive in-app purchase schemes.

Best iPhone games without ads
Best iPhone games without ads

Best iPhone games of all time free Here

5 Best games for iPhone with Controller

The Best iPhone for Gaming

It’s basic, yet it’s gorgeous and entertaining, with no commercials or in-app purchases. Although it is a little older, it is still worth downloading.

How Are These Free Best iPhone games without ads?

And there is nothing wrong with dropping a few bucks on a game that you’ll play for months or years. Alternatively, you might pay $1.99 to remove adverts and help game developers. We’re not opposed to paying money on high-quality applications and games.

Therefore, there are still a few applications with advertising in our collection below, they are extremely minor or non-intrusive. Everything else is absolutely available for free download, play, and enjoy on the iPhone or iPad without the need for 20 in-app purchases.

Top 10 Free Android Games with No-In App Purchase

Until 2020, it was impossible to find a free Android game without commercials or in-app purchases. That is no longer an issue now. On any Android phone, would be how users could locate games for free and without any commercials or in-app purchases.

How about for the Android devices their is a certain Games that No In app purchase?

Choose No advertisements, No in-app transactions, and Free install, and you’re done! All of the apps in the list below meet these three requirements.

Are there games for iPhone without ads?

Cogs is a fun game, and Guiding Light is also enjoyable. Finally, Trainyard Express is another completely free game. Just keep in mind that free iPhone games without advertisements or in-app payments are exceedingly rare these days. Developers require a means to monetize their efforts.

games for iPhone without ads
games for iPhone without ads

Best phone games with no ads


Battleheart is a hybrid of fantasy role-playing games with real-time strategy games that results in a smart phones and mobile experience in which you lead a group of adventurers throughout progressively tough real-time conflicts.


Underhand is fantastic since every decision matters, in addition to not having any commercials or in-app purchases. It’s comprehensive, with tone-appropriate images and sound effects, and when you’re on edge as you put your cult’s resources at stake in the chase of eldritch triumph.

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Mekorama is comparable to Monument Valley, which is popular with millions of people, but it is absolutely free. Basically, you work on a phrase or level one at a time, changing the angle and moving the level around until you reach the finish of the puzzle. You’ll have some fun.

There’s soothing music, increasing complexity, and 50 perplexing mechanical dioramas.

Lig (Mini Games Tournament)

The mini-games are diverse and many, with easy gameplay and straightforward controllers that are highly addicting. With no advertisements and no in-app purchases, you’ll look forward to competing every day. If you enjoy mini-games, you should download the software Lig right away.

OHM – A Virtual Science Centre

The Virtual Scientific Center is a game that may educate you on a few things. Download this completely free iPhone game if you’re looking for something instructive for your children or yourself. OHM will teach you all you need to know about energy and how well it functions in your everyday life.

But most of it is simple puzzle games. You can’t expect too much from a completely free educational game, can you.

Best phone games with no ads
Best phone games with no ads


LTRAFLOW hasn’t really been updated since 2015, yet it’s still a fantastic game worth playing today. This is even more astounding given that it was built in six months by a group of students. Ultra Flow is a minimalist puzzle game in which you strive to get the ball into the goal with as few bounces as possible.


PewPew is a spin-off (and free version) of the worldwide blockbuster game Geometry Wars. It’s one of those chaotic multi-directional shooting games. The drawings are straightforward, but we like the brilliant Neon colors.


If you enjoy chess, you’re definitely familiar with lichens. However, whether you’re new to the pastime, want to improve, or simply want to explore chess gaming variations, lichess is the smartphone software you need to download.

How do you get rid of ads on apps?

Apple & Android users can go to the Team App home screen

  1. Click’settings,’ then’remove advertising’ from the menu.
  2. From the main screen, select Settings.
  3. Select the Remove Advertising button.
  4. Confirm the purchase to get rid of the ads.
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For the other details about iPhone game play and steps on Screen Recording Click Here

iPhone puzzle games without ads

Chess light – Puzzle Game

Chess lite is a puzzle game based on “Chess!” ”. The game places you in over 180 distinct chess scenarios where you must figure out how to win. The game is free and has no advertisements, which is unusual for games at the moment.

Chess light – Puzzle Game
Chess light – Puzzle Game


This gameplay is straightforward: you must rotate the area to empty it. With each level, this games seeks to teach us the virtue of simplicity in life. It is completely free and has no advertisements, which is unusual for a games today.


Smart: Brain Games and Logic Puzzles

The game includes color-coded levels (Blue, Violet, and Gold) as well as additional levels (Left & Right, Block Game, and Pipeline), among each level including a plethora of sub-levels for you to experience the puzzle builder.

Smart: Brain Games and Logic Puzzles
Smart: Brain Games and Logic Puzzles

Smart is a nice experience that grades you in categories including such memory, imagination, problem-solving, flexibility, speed, and attentiveness, allowing you to gradually develop.

How To Stop Ads When Playing Games On Iphone?

There really is no single technique to stop advertisements when playing iPhone games. One solution is to buy an ad blocker program like Adblock Plus. Some other solution is to block Safari’s ability to show advertisements inside the Settings menu.

Do ad blockers work on iPhones?

Ad blockers are accessible in Safari but only on devices to enable 64-bit architecture. When using an ad blocker following downloading it, go to Settings on any iPhone or iPad and enable it.

iPhone and iPad Games Without In-App Purchases

  • Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery
  • FTL: Faster Than Light
  • Pocket City
  • Alto’s Odyssey
  • You Must Build A Boat
  • Battleheart 2
  • Holedown
  • Spelltower
iPhone and iPad Games Without In-App Purchases
iPhone and iPad Games Without In-App Purchases

Android games: no ads, no in-app purchases

Pixel Dungeon

Pixel Dungeon games have roguelike dungeon crawlers with rudimentary visuals (but wonderful gameplay) that penalize failure hard yet are so simple to comprehend as well as play again after each character death that I stopped worried and started to adore restarting.

Wicked Lair

This game puts you in the role of a dungeon boss, which is typically the antagonist in video games. You’ve been tasked with constructing your lair of evil and populating it with monsters and traps to eliminate the annoying do-gooders who keep entering and disrupting your serenity.

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The soundtrack creates an appropriately scary atmosphere, with a wonderful addition being the in-game radio that informs on how your actions are changing the environment. Underhand is a comprehensive game, if a little short, with considerable replayability provided by the random components.

Pathos Nethack Codex

This game is a roguelike dungeon crawling game with random area generation and a variety of different classes to choose from, items to collect, and monsters to slay. Based on the old school Nethack ruleset.

Conclusion: best iPhone games without ads

It appears hard to avoid in-app purchases in today’s mobile gaming industry. Given that the “freemium” and “pay-to-play” models are among the most popular and profitable on the market, it’s simple to see why developers like to employ them.

Even if you pay a few dollars for a game, there’s no assurance you won’t be solicited to purchase extra stuff to complete the tale.

FAQS on Games and Adblock

How do I block ads in games?

There are several methods for blocking adverts in games. Installing an ad blocker extension on their browser window is one option. An app blocker is another option. There are some other games that include an ad blocker.

Does Adblock work on games?

Adblock does work in games. It is crucial to remember, however, that only some games might demand an Adblock exception to work correctly.

Is there an AdBlock for iPhone?

Although there is no AdBlock for iPhone, there are other ad blocking applications accessible in the App Store. These applications function by preventing advertisements from appearing in Safari and other apps that use the Safari web browser.

Can you block ads within apps?

Yes, you may disable advertisements within applications. There are several approaches to this. One option is to install an ad blocker app. There are other browser plugins that can prevent advertisements from appearing within applications. Another option is to turn off JavaScript in your browser. This will ban all advertisements, not just those within applications.

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