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While the App Store has a plethora of turn-based strategy games, there are Best iPhone RTS Games and few real-time strategy (RTS) games on the iPhone. Perhaps developers find it difficult to create a complete console-like real-time strategy game on a mobile phone’s small screen.

Best iPhone RTS Games
Best iPhone RTS Games

Best iPhone games of all time free

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These strategy games range over the entire rainbow. Real-time techniques are a crucial element of that spectrum, and in this post, we’ll look at some of the greatest of them.

Video: Top 12 Best Real-time Strategy Game for Android and iOS

It includes here in the short video the best RTS game for any device.

Best RTS game on your device

Are there any mobile RTS games?

Among the most lasting RTS franchises of all time is the Total War series. The third game in the series, Rome: Total War, was published for PC in 2004. This game’s Android adaptation is a stunning example of a complicated RTS converted for mobile gaming.

9 Best iPhone RTS Games

1. First Strike

The aesthetics and style of First Strike will appeal to the cold-blooded psychopath in you. Fans of you-become-the-villain games will appreciate every gameplay moment..This real-time strategy game allows you to manage a nation’s nuclear arsenal. Your mission is to eliminate hostile countries.

First Strike
First Strike

Before the penultimate missile launch, you must do research on new technologies and construct new missiles. Launching missiles has several purposes, like destroying a country or shooting down approaching missiles.

2. Galaxy Reavers

The epic scale and aesthetics of Galaxy Reavers make it one of the greatest space real-time strategy on mobile right now.

Galaxy Reavers
Galaxy Reavers

The game is similar to the popular MMO Eve Online, but considerably simpler and focused on spectacular fights between cool-looking space ships. You may build a fleet of ships from any of the eight different classes, each with its unique set of advantages and disadvantages.

3. XCOM: Enemy Within

XCOM: Enemy Within is an action game in which you may play in third person. You must defeat alien invaders utilizing weapons and talents while carrying strong and hazardous combat gear in this game.

XCOM: Enemy Within
XCOM: Enemy Within

4. Line of Defense: Tactics

Line of Defense: Tactics is a sci-fi-themed real-time squad-based RTS game. You must maximize each space marine’s distinct talents, which develop and become more powerful as you acquire experience.

Line of Defense: Tactics
Line of Defense: Tactics

The tactical freedom provided in this game makes it slightly simpler to overcome adversaries. There’s also a stealth mode that allows you to sneak up on your opponent for a surprise strike.

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4. Iron Marines

Iron Marine is a future real-time strategy game for Android and iOS developed by the same team that created the Kingdom Rush trilogy. Combine forces with aliens from all throughout the cosmos and lead them to glory.

Iron Marines
Iron Marines

5. Alien Tribe 2

Alien Tribe 2 is a sandbox game with an open environment that blends tower defense with 4X real-time strategy features. There are several weapon platforms and ships to construct in order to strike adversaries or protect your space station.

Alien Tribe 2
Alien Tribe 2

The top-down graphics in the game are superb, and the aesthetics and interface make it quite easy for players to command spacecraft.

6. Art of War 3

This is most likely the most polished and well-designed smartphone real-time strategy game. The images are definitely not supposed to be realistic, yet they are eye-catching and the effects are excellent.

Art of War 3
Art of War 3

Art of War 3 provides the most comprehensive real-time strategy experience on mobile, and the fact that it is free to play is a bonus.

7. Throne Rush

Throne Rush is a free Android and iOS game in which you must establish your own kingdom from scratch and protect your people from foreign invaders. Online multiplayer is constantly accessible, as are new campaigns.

Throne Rush
Throne Rush

8. Autumn Dynasty

When it comes to strategy, the game does not disappoint. It has a plethora of unit strategies at its disposal. As in Romance of the Three Kingdoms, your units have various pre-built skills.

Autumn Dynasty
Autumn Dynasty

IX, which becomes available as you progress through a campaign. Autumn Dynasty is a never-before-seen mobile strategy experience, complete with tactical surprises, attractive graphics, and straightforward base-building/resource management.

9. Total Conquest

Total Conquest is a real-time strategy war game for Android and iOS devices developed by Gameloft in which you must command actual armies full of heroes (including mythological ones) and destroy your foes in a variety of combat tactics.

Total Conquest
Total Conquest

What is the best strategy game on Android?

1. DomiNations

DominaTions_War Strategy GameThis unique war game will lead to a journey of old civilization to the modern era battleground. You have to build a nation of your own and grow it through many phases of time. From the great eight nations, choose one historical nation to build your allies and armies.

2. Jungle Heat

Jungle Heat_Army Strategy GameFinding resources in the dark wild jungle with the mighty heroes, isn’t it cool enough? The heroes will blow up everything and safeguard the oil and gold resources from the languish enemy.

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3. Boom Beach

Boom Beach_Android Strategy GameYou can get unique stickers from the markets and use them to clan chat or on the battlefields. Owning a beach and consider you as a chief of an army territory. Now your job is to slay the evil and engage in PVP warship battles with rival beaches.

RTS games haven’t gone anywhere, but can the genre return to its heyday?

Wired recently published about RTS games, namely Frost Giant Studios, a gaming firm comprised of many ex-StarCraft devs dedicated to creating the next great RTS. However, Wired and other magazines occasionally discuss the “renaissance” of the RTS, although the genre isn’t as dead as that implies.

Are there any good RTS games?

  • The best RTS games
  • Age of Empires IV.
  • Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun.
  • Northgard.
  • Ashes of the Singularity: Escalation.
  • Driftland: The Magic Revival.
  • Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak.
  • Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition.
  • Supreme Commander.

What are the best 4X iOS games?

What are the best 4X iOS games?
What are the best 4X iOS games?

Marble Age: Remastered

Marble Age is a turn-based historical strategy game in which you must transform a modest Ancient Greek town into a prosperous Polis capable of conquering the known globe.

Infinity Kingdom 

Conquer the city and learn about the Infinity! The Infinity Kingdom is a cartoon-style multiplayer online strategy game. As a cunning ruler, you must defend Norheim from the terrible gnomes while defending yourself from another invading player.


Scythe is a game of action selection, engine construction, and area management that combines aspects from euro games with a themed setting and allows players to interact with one another through a map.

Which is the best offline free game?

  • Runner: Alto’s Odyssey.
  • Chess: Really Bad Chess.
  • Puzzle: Mazes & More.
  • Platform: Once Upon a Tower.
  • Arcade: Jungle Marble Blast. …
  • Brainy: Quizoid. …
  • Action: Tank Hero: Laser Wars.
  • Puzzle: Sudoku (by Fassor)

Are there any new RTS games coming out?

A new forthcoming RTS game named Crossfire: Legion is set under the Crossfire IP. This is a game created by the same team who created Homeworld 3, another item on our list. Factions strive for power here, and the only way to achieve their aims is to enter the war.

What is the best war strategy app for iPhone?

List of Best Strategy and RTS Games for iPhone

  • Clash of Clans. If competing in epic clan wars and leading your troops to victory thrill you, Clash of Clans is for you
  • Rise of Empires: Fire and War
  • Clash Royale
  • – War Strategy Games
  • Stick War: Legacy
  • XCOM: Enemy Within
  • Boom Beach.
  • Iron Marines: RTS Offline Game.
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Conclusion on the most stand out RTS game app on iPhone

New RTS games are released on a regular basis and have been for quite some time. There have been standouts such as Total War: Warhammer and its sequel, as well as the Total War: Three Kingdoms game based in medieval China, the eccentric RTS/Survival fusion They, Are Billions, and even my favorite Halo Wars 2.

So, rather than wondering if an RTS rebirth is imminent or likely, perhaps we should consider if it is even essential.

In these games, the player must use his wits to place the units, build bases, raise up the skills of his army and command them to take down enemies while exploring the environment either from an isometric, first-person, or a third-person perspective. In the beginning, the player must make his strategy, ready for war, and implement it to win the battle.

FAQS about other RTS games available

Why are 4X games so fun?

So, you’re curious about the finest 4X games. This style of experience, at its heart, allows the player to accomplish four things: eXpand, eXploit, eXterminate, and eXplore. 4X games might end up providing players with an excellent tale as they make their way to the finish line.

Is Stellaris an RTS?

To begin, let me address the skeptics: Stellaris is not a real-time strategy game. Rather, it has game ticks that happen rather fast, i.e. days.

Is hoi4 an RTS?

You’re thinking of something like Warcraft Dune or Supreme Commander I and II, not an RTS. It’s nothing like them; it’s essentially a strategy game in which you may deploy forces to various locations but have no direct control over what they do.

Is total war a RTS?

Total War: Warhammer 3 review: a heavyweight RTS with game-changing multiplayer improvements. Total War: Warhammer 3 is a heavyweight in its own right, while being best regarded as the concluding installment of an enormous strategic megagame.

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