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What are some Best way to organize iPhone apps? Customizing your iPhone or iPad’s home page might be a tedious task. Even if you have a plan, Apple’s rigorous approach to icon placement may be inaccurate and unpleasant.

Best way to organize iPhone apps
Best way to organize iPhone apps

The iPhone is a fantastic tool for keeping productive. Not only does it help us to remain in touch with those who are important to us, but the iOS app ecosystem provides a solution for practically every performance problem.

Here are five brilliant ways to arrange applications on your iPhone so you easily FIND what you’re searching for while also making your phone look great!

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Video: How I’ve set up my iPhone for maximum productivity 

Here are a short video tips on organizing your iPhone to make it more productive.

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10 Best way to organize iPhone apps

Method #1: Organize Your Home Screen

Your iPhone’s initial screen is undoubtedly the most precious digital real estate in your life. Mentally, your home screen should indeed be structured in such a manner that it not only makes things easy to find, but also does not stress you out and every time you look at it. One approach to do this is to have fewer applications on the first page.

Only the applications you use every day should be on it. My collection comprises a few applications and a few of widget sets (more on that in a minute).

Method 2: Move Everything Else to the App Library

The App Library has been one of the iOS 14 features that may truly help you keep organized. Every app is automatically added to the App Library. That is, you may remove items from your home screen while keeping them on your smartphone. If you still require access, you could get to them simply sliding across all of your screens towards the App Library.

To add an app to the App Library, long-press it then afterwards hit the minus icon to brought up a menu.

Method # 3  Positive Affirmations (Aka, The Law Of Attraction)

Do you have huge aspirations and objectives that you’re working hard to achieve? If that’s the case, you may use the Law of Attraction directly on your smartphone!

A smart law of attraction notion became popular on Twitter, where the user claimed to have heard it from a female CEO. What a tyrant!

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How to arrange apps as affirmations:

  • Sort related applications by classification (communication apps together, social media apps together, etc.)
  • Change the headline to a goal-oriented affirmation.

Method #4 Color-coded applications are 

This is such a stylish way to arrange your phone’s apps! Looking through applications in rainbow sequence is quite enjoyable.

Determine however you want to arrange the applications by color; remember that ROYGBIV is an abbreviation for the rainbow’s coloring sequence, so if you can’t decide on a color scheme, use that: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet.

Apps in black, white, or multicolored can be installed after that (follow the most dominating color in the app!)

Method # 5 Use Widgets

Widgets, one of the greatest methods to arrange information on your iPhone, debuted with iOS 14. Seriously, they are quite handy at achieving two things: reducing the amount of apps on your home screen and presenting you with the information you want without you having to run an app.

Method # 6 Alphabetical Order

Transform your phone into a pocket-sized library with all of the world’s information at your fingertips!

Use Alphabetical Order
Use Alphabetical Order

You don’t even have to do it manually because there’s a simple trick for arranging applications alphabetically.

  1. Go to the Settings app.
  2. Select General.
  3. Find and choose “Reset.”
  4. Choose “Reset Home Screen Layout”
  5. Because you still have any default iPhone applications loaded on your phone, they will be restored to their original place, and all other apps will be organized alphabetically – great!

Method # 7 You Can Put Folders in the Dock

Adding a folder to the Dock is one method to make it more useful. If you wish, you can even fill the Dock with folders, although that’s probably not the best use of space. Most users automatically use the Dock to open programs like Messages, Safari, or Mail. If you find this restrictive, make a folder there.

How to organize your dock

  1. Hold down the app you wish to move.
  2. In the pop-up menu, select Edit Home Screen. Your applications will begin to jiggle.
  3. Drag the app to one screen’s dock at the bottom.
  4. That would save your changes on an iPhone X or later model, touch Done in the top right-hand corner. If you already have an iPhone 8 or previous model, touch the home button to save your changes.

Method # 8 Use Spotlight Instead of App Icons

The easiest way to approach app organization is to ignore it entirely. You may quickly and easily discover any software by putting the first few characters of its name into the Spotlight search engine.

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Use Spotlight Instead of App Icons
Use Spotlight Instead of App Icons

Pull down on the Home screen to see the search bar. Begin typing, and then touch the app when it shows in the search results. You may also go a step farther and look for data within programs, such as Evernote notes or Google Drive documents.

Method # 9 Organize Folders by App Type

The most apparent approach to arranging your apps is to categorize them into folders based on their purpose. The number of folders you’ll need is determined by the number of apps you have, what they perform, and how frequently you use them.

Creating your own organizational system customized to your workflow will work best. Examine your applications and consider how you may group them in meaningful and useful ways.

How to use the App Library

iPhone owners with iOS 14 or later may utilize a secret iPhone feature called the App Library to store apps and keep their home screens neat. The App Library allows you to delete applications from your phone’s home screens that you don’t use frequently without fully uninstalling them.

How to use the App Library
How to use the App Library
  • Hold down the app you wish to delete from your home screen.
  • From the pop-up menu, select Remove App.
  • To save the app inside the App Library, choose Removed from Home Screen.

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Other Ways that may Include

1. Organize Your Home Screen

Press and hold one app icon on the Home screen until all of the icons begin to jitter. You may also select one and then select “Edit Home Screen” from the menu that opens.

Then, begin moving icons to the desired location upon that Home screen.

2. Organize apps on iPhones

Before we get into all of the inventive and aesthetically pleasing methods to arrange your applications, here are a few fundamental phone organizing how-to tips.

Just in case this is your first time doing something like this!

3. Put apps into folders

  1. Hold the app down until it begins wiggling.
  2. Drag it over another program.
  3. This will result in the creation of a new folder.
  4. Rep until all of the applications you wish to include are in the folder.
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4. How to rename app folders

  1. Open the folder by tapping it.
  2. Simply on the title above the folder will bring up an editable text field.
  3. To erase the current name, tap the X icon.
  4. Rename your folder (emojis are also OK!)

5. Organize apps by actions

Additionally, you may group your apps according to the activities they do. If you have several search engine applications, place them in a folder titled “search,” just like you would chatting apps (“chat”) and games (“play”).

How do you Minimalist an iPhone?

Minimalist an iPhone
Minimalist an iPhone

Following in the footsteps of the minimalist theme, here’s a fast tutorial to a minimalist iPhone:

  • Delete any programs that you aren’t using and arrange the remainder.
  • Get rid of the flashy backgrounds and go for a more plain look.
  • Icons of minimalism
  • Use a simple phone case.
  • Make better use of your phone.

Conclusion for organizing iPhone apps on iOS 14 upgrade

iPhone’s storage can accommodate many more applications than I use, but there’s a mental cost to having them there. For that reason alone, maintaining fewer programs may be the most crucial advice for keeping your apps organized.

Fortunately, Apple’s iOS 14 upgrade will significantly improve the Home screen later this year. Meanwhile, here are some recommendations for arranging your apps as well as making the Home screen more effective.

Overall, the App Library is a useful tool for managing your apps and locating the ones you require. It’s especially helpful if you haven’t already divided your apps into distinct directories manually.

FAQS about other steps to have an organize apps on iPhone

Is there a way to automatically organize apps on iPhone?

Swipe left from your Home Screen until you reach the App Library. Your applications are automatically classified. For example, you may find your social networking applications under the Social category.

How do I Auto organize apps in iOS 14?

Swipe left after updating to iOS 14; the App Library will be the final page you reach. It automatically arranges your programs into folders labeled with different categories.

How do I arrange iPhone icons alphabetically?

To begin, open the Settings app on your iPhone and select General. Then select Reset > Reset Home Screen Layout. When you exit the Settings app, you’ll notice that your applications are alphabetically sorted!

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