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With the advancement of technology, it is becoming increasingly typical to find your confidential communications exposed. Can you lock messages on your iPhone?

If you own an iPhone, you should know how and when to lock messages on your iPhone to reduce the risk of personal information leaking, such as private messages.

You may simply restrict external or illegal access to your message content by using the iPhone’s security features and various applications.

Can you lock messages on iPhone
Can you lock messages on iPhone

There will always be a risk to privacy, especially when texts are kept publicly accessible. In this situation, data thieves might take advantage of the user’s ease of access to cause havoc.

Actually, locking messages on your iPhone is one method of preventing illegal access to communications; however, erasing iPhone data is another.

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Easy steps on locking the imessage application in your iPhone device

Pass code Lock iMessage On iPhone

How to Can you lock messages on iPhone

iPhone users may set up passwords to secure the security of their chat conversations. The sensitive information contained in the communications might be limited to only a few people. Let’s take a look at how to ban text messages on an iPhone.

Step 1: Navigate to the “Settings” menu and select “General.” Select the “Passcode Lock” choice.

Step 2.Another box will appear when you click “Turn Passcode On” to enable the security features. The four-digit code used to activate the iPhone’s messaging capabilities will be required by the system. Enter a code that is easy for you to remember while also being difficult for any unauthorized user to get.

Why Do You Need to Lock Text Messages on iPhone

Lock iPhone messages are important because most iPhone users are concerned about iPhone security concerns, which is logical given the potential for harm to the user. These security problems should be treated carefully and addressed to avoid unnecessary damage. Some of the most prevalent iPhone security vulnerabilities are as follows.

  • Identity Theft: An issue of identity theft exists for iPhone users, which is cause for alarm.
  • When an iPhone is lost, there is a danger that it will get into the hands of someone who will exploit the information against the owner.
  • Data Leakage: Data may be recovered by others even if the iPhone is destroyed using easy methods.
  • The problem of Malware: There is a concern that some spyware could collect information from you.
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1. How to Lock Text Messages on iPhone for Protection

iPhone has a password setting to help customers preserve their messages and protect their privacy. The procedures for locking text messages your iPhone are as follows. To eliminate privacy leaks, you must permanently erase your private text messages in addition to locking them.

Step 1: Go to your device’s Settings and choose “General.”

Step 2: Check the Password Lock box.

Step 3: Select “Turn Passcode On” to activate the security features.

Step 4: Enter your preferred Passcode. Remember that your passcode should be difficult for an unauthorized individual to guess.

2. Turn iMessage OFF everywhere other than your iPhone

If you would like to keep your Apple ID signed in on a device just don’t want anyone to display text messages, you’ll should get your hands on it and disable iMessage.

Turn iMessage OFF everywhere
Turn iMessage OFF everywhere

Configure two-factor authentication.

However, when somebody else uses your devices and knows your account password, anybody may alter your settings just as rapidly as you do. This is why you must enable two-factor authentication.

3. Apps to Lock Messages on iPhone

Many third-party programs satisfy the user’s need to protect their messages from any external touch. With their special characteristics, several programs assist in locking the iPhone messages so that these messages cannot be accessed.

Plus Secret SMS

Plus Secret SMS
Plus Secret SMS

Another program that supports the iOS for the security and lock aspects of messaging is the “Secret SMS Plus,” that also delivers high-security standards particularly to text messages and emails powered by its support in Internet Explorer. As a result, our program fulfills the general demand for user privacy through message threads including emails while also providing users with solid security.

Crypt Me

Crypt Me
Crypt Me

How to Encrypt iPhone Messages The tool, dubbed “Crypt Me,” allows people to send and read encrypted messages, ensuring that message accessibility stays restricted. The program allows users to generate a password in order to convert communications into readable format.



The much more popular application for locking messages on iPhone is recognized as “CoverMe,” which eventually supports iOS 7 and has the fewest faults throughout its growth in the system.

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This program is free because of its users, which has grown its popularity by delivering security services to them at no cost. This program is ideal for locking text messages upon that iPhone.

4. Preventing an iPhone From Deleting Texts

When your inbox becomes crowded or your storage capacity is inadequate, iPhone may discard previous texts. The Apple iPhone does not allow you to preserve or safeguard texts against deletion.

To prevent essential text messages from disappearing, jailbreak the iPhone as well as install a free third-party SMS program.

Preventing an iPhone From Deleting Texts
Preventing an iPhone From Deleting Texts

Getting Your iPhone Ready

To disable the automatic SMS release option on the iPhone, you must jailbreak the device. As a result, you should make a backup of your iPhone in case something goes wrong during the jailbreak process.

Taking the Place of the iPhone SMS App

Cydia is one of the default programs installed by RedSnow whenever you jailbreak an iPhone. Cydia is comparable to the Apple App Store in that it sells apps for jailbroken devices.

Turning off Automatic Deletion

After you download the latest Handcent SMS on your iPhone, you may change the settings to stop the device’s automatic deletion option.

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Permanently Erase Private Text Messages to Avoid Privacy Leak

Another of the greatest ways for iPhone users to protect their privacy is to wipe their data, and indeed the best alternative for this is iMyFone Umate Pro or iMyFone Umate Pro for Mac.

This tool is the most suggested when privacy security and device storage capacity are both needed. As we’re seeing below, it is jam-packed with useful features.

Permanently Erase Private Text Messages
Permanently Erase Private Text Messages

Key Features:

Delete Texts:

Perfect for wiping SMS messages to protect your privacy and avoid data thieves. No data recovery program can restore all wiped text messages.

Delete History:

It has the advantage of deleting all history on your iPhone. For example, you may easily wipe call history, safari history, and sometimes even previously erased data.

Remove Photos and Videos:

If you leave your private images and videos on your smartphone, they might come into the hands of the wrong people.

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Umate pro deletes them in order to preserve your privacy.

Remove Third-Party Applications:

Can remove third-party app pieces from your smartphone. It can also delete WhatsApp and WeChat messages as well as attachments.

Conclusion on locking messages on an iPhone device in using a third party app

Generally, the essay demonstrates how to safeguard or lock messages using the iPhone or other third-party applications.

Therefore, keeping messages safe does not imply that they can only be locked, does it? Permanently wiping or deleting data may have been a good thing.

With the exception of the Phone app, you can password lock anything app on your phone. There is no way to disable access to the Phone app. Anyone can limit access to applications like Messages and FaceTime, but you may not want to.

When Messages access is prohibited through App Limits, devices that use iCloud for Screen Time cannot sending and receiving messages during downtime.

FAQS about other ways to secure an message in a way not locking it

How can I permanently conceal my iPhone messages?

Turning off the message preview that displays on the Lock screen is one of the simplest methods to hide text messages on the iPhone. This doesn’t really conceal or lock messages in your Messages app, but somehow it prevents a preview of the message’s information from appearing on your screen when it is sent.

How can I secure my SMS messages?

Tap the three-dot symbol in the top right hand corner to open Messages. Select Settings > Notifications > Advanced from the drop-down selection which opens, then press the On lock screen option.

How Do I Force Quit and Restart the Message App?

You can forcibly stop and then reload the Texts app to see if this prevents your messages from being destroyed automatically. You may accomplish this by doing the following. On your phone, go to Settings > Apps & Notifications > Messages. To stop the app, select Force stop.

How can I add a password to iMessage?

How do I make imessage password protected? No, you don’t. A passcode can be used to secure the entire phone. The best alternative I can think of is to place iMessage in a folder, hide the program from her, and turn off alerts.

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