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If your iPhone has already been stolen or that you have forgotten it just by accident, Can you track an iphone without a sim card? turning on the ‘Find my iPhone’ function will help you find it quickly. Read on to learn how ‘Find my iPhone’ works and what issues you can encounter.

Can you track an iphone without a sim card
Can you track an iphone without a sim card

One of the advantages of creating a MobileMe account is that it can assist you in locating a lost iPhone if you activated the “Find My iPhone” application on your device before it went missing. Nevertheless, there are also several limitations to the program. If your iPhone seems to have no power or whether it is sans SIM Card, users won’t have able to trace it.

Those new phones of Apple and Samsung comes with something like an observation is a method, which is particularly handy for customers who constantly forgetting where they would have left their phones.

1. Does Find My iPhone Work If Sim Card Is Removed?

The Find My iPhone function was created by Apple to assist consumers find reported stolen smartphones. It operates through a mix of online iCloud capabilities and indeed the phone’s built-in GPS. For example, if a user misplaces their device, all they have to do is sign in to their iCloud account. They may then use a map to see where their linked gadgets are.

 Does Find My iPhone Work If Sim Card Is Removed?
Does Find My iPhone Work If Sim Card Is Removed?

In most circumstances, the SIM card’s role is to transmit cellular data towards the phone over a 3G, 4G, or 5G network.

If indeed the SIM card is removed and the phone is not linked to the internet through Wi-Fi, it is difficult to track it using iCloud.

2. How to track iPhone if the SIM card is taken out?

The iPhone includes a feature called ‘FindMyIPhone,’ which allows the user to pinpoint the precise position of their smartphone. Even though the phone’s SIM card is changed, it may still be monitored.

Tracking Without a SIM Card

  • It would still be possible to locate your iPhone if the SIM card has indeed been replaced and this has been stolen.
  • To function effectively, the Find My iPhone application talks with both the wireless connection.
  • When the iPhone lacks a SIM card, communication is therefore no longer appropriate, and the GPS coordinates of something like the position are lost. To locate a phone, nevertheless, the iPhone does not need a SIM card, only a simple internet connection.
  • If indeed the phone is linked to Wi-Fi, it may be readily found.
  • The most important thing to know with this is that the phone requires cellular data or a Wi-Fi network, which the user is allowed to locate.
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3. How Can you track an iphone without a sim card removed when FMI is turned on?

Can I Track The iPhone If The SIM Card Is removed when FMI is turned on?
Can I Track The iPhone If The SIM Card Is removed when FMI is turned on?

You should log into this your iCloud account as soon as possible as well as activate lost mode. It is available for your iPad, iPhone, iPhone Touch, Mac, and Apple Watch. Apple Pay will indeed be deactivated for the device once you do this. If Location Services originally switched off, it will be enabled to assist in locating the device on something like a map.

Step 1. Sign in to utilizing your Apple ID.

Step 2. Choose Find My iPhone.

Step 3. Chose All Devices and then the device for which you wish to activate Lost Mode.

Step 4. Choose between Lost Mode and Lock.

Can a stolen iPhone be used with a new SIM card?

No, you cannot use a stolen iPhone with a fresh sim card. That’s because the phone’s owner could follow it independently of the sim card. All he has to do is connect to wifi or cellular connection and use a computer to log in to his iCloud login. Aside from that, he may log in to Find My iPhone and simply trace his stolen phone if it is linked to the internet.

Additionally, because it requires credentials, whomever took your phone will be unable to swap it over. The thief may try to go to a store for assistance, but they will be unable to assist him even without credentials.So the answer is, no a stolen iPhone cannot be used simply by using a new sim card.

4. How to Prevent My iPhone from Being Maliciously Locked?

The burglars will be unable to disable the iPhone’s automatic lock. You may also utilize these encryption features to create a more durable lock.

How to Prevent My iPhone from Being Maliciously Locked?
How to Prevent My iPhone from Being Maliciously Locked?

1. Turn on two-factor authentication.

iPhone’s 2F authentication mechanism allows you to input a passcode as well as a Face ID or fingerprints.

2. Establish Security Questions

You can include online accounts that really only you can answer. It would virtually make hacking onto your phone impossible.

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3. Configure SIM Card Lock

Go to the iPhone settings and enable a SIM card lock so that your iPhone will only recognize their original SIM card.

5. What Should I Do If My iPhone Is Lost or Stolen?

Dropping an iPhone is more painful than a breakup. If your SIM transaction is entered and your data connection is activated, you may quickly locate it using ‘Find my iPhone.’

Users merely need to sign in to their iCloud account from another device. The iCloud and the GPS services of your phone are linked. You may see its current position as soon as you log in. What you must do is as follows:

  1. Launch your browser.
  2. Navigate to
  3. Log in with your Apple ID.
  4. Select ‘Find my iPhone.’
  5. Search across all linked devices.
  6. Find the misplaced gadget.
  7. On the iPhone, enable ‘Lost Mode.’

The Lost Mode would monitor the last known location of your stolen iPhone. Just hope it’s linked to the internet.

What happens if I put my SIM card in a stolen iPhone?

If you install a clean simcard into a device that has already been reported stolen, then simcard will operate for a while but will be suspended once the system detects that the simcard has been used on a stolen phone. The simcard will not operate when transferred to the original phone.

Is it possible to trace an iPhone after it has been wiped?

The Find My Network but also Activation Lock features might help you find your device even if it has been deleted. The Hello screen will clearly display that your smartphone is locked, locatable, and still yours to assist guarantee that no one is duped into purchase it.

Is it possible to trace an iPhone after it has been wiped?
Is it possible to trace an iPhone after it has been wiped?

Can you track an iPhone without service?

Without service, it is impossible to trace the iPhone. To update its position, it must be linked to the internet. However, there are additional third-party applications and solutions available to assist iPhone owners in locating misplaced or lost handsets.

Can you trace a non-activated iPhone?

For Find My iPhone to operate, the device must be activated before it is lost/stolen, it must be turned on, and it must have an active internet connection. If any of these are not in that condition, it cannot be tracked.

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How do I activate a stolen iPhone?

  1. Mark a gadget as missing.
  2. Somewhere at bottom of the screen, hit Devices, after which tap the name of the missing device.
  3. Tap Activate under Mark As Lost.
  4. Take note of the following as you follow the onscreen instructions:…
  5. Select Activate (for an iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Apple Watch, AirPods, or iPhone Leather Wallet) or Lock (for an iPhone Leather Wallet) (for a Mac).

Conclusion on other recommended tools to use if you will track your device without SIM

So now we know how find my iPhone works when the SIM card is uninstalled. If you wish to unlock a locked iPhone and disable the Find My iPhone feature, utilize Tenorshare 4MeKey.

Because it is so simple to disable the “Find My Phone” functionality on an iPhone, if your device somehow doesn’t appear in your MobileMe account, consider phoning your service provider from another phone.

A phone that has already been misplaced but is not in this same hands of another person would also most likely appear in MobileMe, because if you can’t trace it, it’s possible somebody else has discovered it and replaced the SIM or battery.

FAQS about some possibilities if our iPhone device will be stolen

Is it possible to erase a stolen iPhone?

Whenever your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac, or Apple Watch is reported stolen, you can wipe it in Find My iPhone on Go to to sign in to Find My iPhone.

Is a stolen iPhone of any use?

That is, even if a criminal or a third party obtains your iPhone, it is still linked to your Apple ID and cannot be used with anyone other account. Your iPhone may even be entirely erased and still be locked down, rendering it nearly worthless to anybody except you.

Can Apple locate down stolen goods?

As previously stated, Apple has been utilizing proximity software since 2016 to prevent demo devices from functioning outside of the Apple store, with the exception of responding to the “Find my iPhone” geolocation service, which may trace a lost or stolen smartphone. As a result, the corporation can deactivate and trace any stolen gadget.

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