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Perhaps you bought the iPhone straight from Apple or acquired it on a separate account from somebody else. How to change sim card on iPhone 12?

Nevertheless, you’ll would like to have your own SIM card loaded into the iPhone 12 as soon as possible so you can enjoy Apple’s current flagship iPhone.

If you’re reading this, you’ve undoubtedly upgraded and are now attempting to find out where to put the SIM card.

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How to change sim card on iPhone 12

Despite the fact that almost all mobile phones now employ SIM trays when install SIM cards, several users might still get the installation procedure mixed up.

Given that your equipment still seems to be new, you wouldn’t want to screw it up straight away and waste your money, do you?

As a result, we’ve chosen to provide a basic tutorial to assist you through into the process of installing or editing content.changing  the SIM card on your iPhone 12.

1. What should I do before changing my iPhone’s SIM card?

  • Integrate all of your contacts. The most crucial thing should do before transferring SIM cards, weather you have such an Android smartphone, an iPhone, or a feature phone, is to back up your contacts.
  • Please check and update some information.
  • Check that your phone remains unlocked.

2. Do I need to do anything before removing a SIM card?

Again, we recommended that you switch off the phone prior beginning the procedure of replacement the SIM with the new chip. Finally, after the SIM tray is firmly in place, restart the computer.

Video: How to Remove Sim Card Without Tool

Possible ways to Remove a Current SIM install on your iPhone device.

Different ways to Remove Sim Card Without Tool

iPhone 12 sim card 

Apple’s iPhone 12 seems to be the company’s initial phone to enable 5G, however dual SIM and 5G will not operate together, at certainly not at launch.

“When utilizing two lines in Dual SIM mode, neither line supports 5G data and will eventually fall to 4G LTE.” Customers will get 5G connectivity when they use an eSIM exclusively and are on a 5G compatible carrier and service package, according to the paper.

Apple’s latest iPhones, including that of the iPhone 12, contain a physical SIM slot as well as a digital eSIM. This allows you to be using the device in dual SIM mode, which means you can also have two distinct phone numbers on two different networks inside one phone.

It is indeed a life-saving function for customers who, for example, have a personal and a business phone number and would like to preserve them distinct but wouldn’t want to bring two phones.

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3. How to Add a New Sim Card on the iPhone 12?

You shouldn’t have to install the SIM card yourself if you acquired your new iPhone through your carrier, because they presumably did it for you at the shop.

How to Add a New Sim Card on the iPhone 12?
How to Add a New Sim Card on the iPhone 12?
  1. First, remove your iPhone 12 from it’s own packaging and locate the SIM ejector pin. (It’s a metal tool with a pointy end that resembles a paperclip.)
  2. Now, find your iPhone 12’s SIM tray.
  3. Afterwards when, insert the SIM ejector pin through into hole and gently press it down again until SIM tray pops out.
  4. Insert your SIM card into the SIM tray. Make absolutely sure your SIM card cuts are correctly aligned with the SIM tray.
  5. Lastly, replace the SIM tray in your iPhone 12. Keep in mind that even if your iPhone is facing forwards, the contact points with your SIM card should really be facing down.

After inserting your SIM card, find and hit your iPhone’s power button to activate it on. Following the on-screen directions to finish the setup, then your iPhone immediately begin activating.

4. How to Remove a SIM Card on the iPhone 12?

If you wish to swap your present SIM card or just remove it, the procedure is quite identical and therefore should take a few seconds.

How to Remove a SIM Card on the iPhone 12?
How to Remove a SIM Card on the iPhone 12?

How to change sim card on iPhone 12? To replace your SIM card from any iPhone 12, follow the procedures beneath.

  1. First, obtain your SIM ejector pin and locate your iPhone 12’s SIM tray.
  2. Place the ejector pin into the SIM tray then press down again until SIM tray comes out.
  3. Afterwards when, detach the SIM tray from your iPhone 12 and the SIM card.
  4. After that, replace the SIM tray in your iPhone 12. To eliminate dirt buildup, wipe the SIM tray prior to actually reinstalling it on your smartphone.

4. Do I have to put my old SIM card in my new iPhone 12?

Throughout most circumstances, you may simply transfer your old phone to the new one. FYI, we purchased the iPhone 12 somewhere at Apple Store, as well as they encouraged us to have the new sim card due to the new 5G processor.

How do I setup my new Iphone 12?

Setup my new Iphone 12
Setup my new Iphone 12
  1. Configure your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.
  2. Start your device.
  3. Choose Quick Start if you already have another device.
  4. Turn on your smartphone.
  5. Generate a passcode for Face ID or Touch ID.
  6. Retrieve or move your files and information.
  7. Log in using your Apple ID.
  8. Enable automatic upgrades as well as other features.
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5. How do I transfer my data to my new iPhone with a new SIM card?

  1. Insert your new iPhone’s SIM card.
  2. Start your new iPhone.
  3. Connect your new iPhone to your Mac or Windows computer.
  4. Slide to activate your new iPhone.
  5. Following the on-screen instructions to select your language and configure your Wi-Fi network.
  6. Choose Restore from just an iTunes backup.

6. How to take sim card out of iphone without tool

As something of an alternative, here are a few other tools you may use to access your SIM card tray.

Clips for Paper

Let’s begin with the greatest option for opening your SIM card tray, the paper clip. The most practical and widely available tool on just this list is a paper clip.


This equipment may accompany you even while you are not at home. If you’re in the middle of something and you’re wearing earrings,


Whenever you hear the phrase “toothpicks,” the first thought that comes to mind is cleaning the small spaces among your teeth. However, toothpicks might come in helpful when it comes to maintaining SIM card trays.


Whenever your keychain is a little loose and thin, are using it as an ejector replacement. The concept is similar to that of the paperclip. Bend your keychain slightly open so that it sticks out.

Thread for Sewing

Yes, you read that correctly. You can open your SIM card tray using a tiny sewing thread.

Reinsert a SIM card

Simply insert a new SIM card through into vacant slot within the tray to replace the SIM card on your iPhone.

The card is correctly oriented whenever the notched corner lines up normally and the card can really only fit throughout the tray one way. Then, return the SIM card tray to the slot until something clicks.

Reinsert a SIM card
Reinsert a SIM card

The SIM tray is on the left side for these iPhone models:

  • iPhone 13 Pro
  • iPhone 13 Pro Max
  • iPhone 13
  • iPhone 13 mini
  • iPhone 12
  • iPhone 12 mini
  • iPhone 12 Pro
  • iPhone 12 Pro Max

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Wll a certain iPhone device will work without a SIM Read more

Conclusion on the importance of changing the SIM on iPhone or any device

Asurion has helped 300 million clients safeguard, connect, and enjoy the technology they love for over 25 years. Smartphones are no different. Make sure your device is secure; your life is on it.

Some providers now need extra procedures when installing SIM cards. Browse the respective websites listed below to learn how to activate a SIM card for a certain carrier on your iPhone12.

You must first pinpoint the SIM tray before learning how to remove the SIM card from your iPhone. It resembles a long, narrow oval with maybe a little opening on one side. When seen from the front, several iPhone versions have it on the right-hand side of the device.

Whether there is debris with in tray slot, your phone is dented from either a drop, or you are concerned about harming your device, make an appointment with either an Asurion Expert.

FAQS about concerns on transferring some information in changing the SIM

Is it necessary to insert my SIM card into my new iPhone before transferring data?

Yes, you may relocate the SIM card again when the transfer begins. I’ve done it in the past. You will be requested to transfer the data as part of the new phone setup procedure.

What happens if you insert a new SIM card?

What is the purpose of a fresh SIM card? If you’ve switched to something like a different provider, your new SIM card will link you to your new plan as well as your new carrier. The SIM card is really what allows you to transmit and receive text messages, as well as receive and make phone calls. SIM cards have no effect on the storage data on your phone.

On the iPhone X, where is the SIM card?

Locate the SIM tray, which is on the right side of the phone. Put a SIM tool into the little hole to eject the SIM tray before inserting a SIM card.

What should you do if your iPhone’s SIM tray refuses to open?

When you still can’t get the SIM tray to open, you’ll need to schedule a Genius Bar appointments at your nearest Apple Store or Apple Authorized Service Provider to just have someone look it over and advise you on your alternatives.

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