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How to archive messages on iPhone? You have a lot of text messages on your iPhone Messages, SMSs, and MMSs -and you may wish to preserve copies in an archive to examine them later. Apple does not provide a mechanism to accomplish this, but iMazing can backup every one of your messages so you may view them at any time.

How to archive messages on iPhone
How to archive messages on iPhone

The message archive feature comprises of the function in which the conversation history is preserved on the appropriate gadget till the chat is resumed. The previous chat is also preserved on other devices such as computers or cloud services to guarantee that the archive is available from several sources.

In this method, the person or company contacts via text messages are captured and stored as a log to ensure long-term connection. The iPhone offers archive functionality for text messages to its users, and conversation archives are automatically preserved in the phone memory.

Video: How to Archive or Unarchive a Chat in WhatsApp on iPhone?

Detailed steps video on archive and unarchive a chat on a WhatsApp on iPhone devices.

Archive or Unarchive a Chat in WhatsApp

1. Difficulties in archive iPhone Text Messages

With iPhone users, there is a unique function known as iMessage, which allows users to send messages via the cloud rather than the SMS text messaging system. iMessages are thus routed through iOS servers rather than cell providers. That’s one of the reasons you’re probably having trouble archiving iPhone text messages.

Other challenges that you may encounter throughout the archiving process are also listed:

  • Doesn’t Utilize Mobile Carriers: Because iOS users may use iMessage to send text messages through into the iOS system, mobile carriers find it difficult to transport SNS messages on those iOS devices.
  • MDM (Mobile Device Management) is required to block text message archiving requirements for corporations in hopes of avoiding non-compliance. MDM is used to control corporate in their company.

Despite the fact that we have some difficulty concealing texts and conversations on iPhone. Fortunately, we shall go through several practical solutions to this problem below.

2. How to Archive Message Chats via AnyTrans

Archive Message Chats via AnyTrans
Archive Message Chats via AnyTrans

Because the iPhone doesn’t even have an archive options to directly archive your messages, you may attempt extracting and backing up iPhone texts with a professional iOS data manager. We’d would like propose AnyTrans to you as well. You may archive messages/imessages on your Windows or Mac computer with AnyTrans. You may also save or print the chats as needed. The most recent iPhone 12 model is fully supported.

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1. iPhone Messages to Computer: Export and Print

Step 1. Connect your device to your PC using AnyTrans > Select Messages from the category box.

Step 2. You may preview all of your iPhone texts here. Check the messages you wish to send > Press the To PC button. Messages may be exported in TXT, PDF, or HTML format.

Step 3. You may easily print these text exchanges on your iPhone by clicking the Print button.

2. How to Save iPhone Text Messages

Step 1. Save iPhone Text Messages Using Backup Manager

Additionally, run AnyTrans and connect your iPhone > Navigate to Backup Manager > Click Back Up Now. Backup Encryption may be enabled here. AnyTrans will then quickly backup messages as well as other data.

3. Recommend Top Apps to Hide Text Messages on iPhone

Third-party programs enable iPhone users to conceal text messages on iPhone from any external users in order to prevent personal offenses caused by the capacity to access communications that are deemed private to the users.

1. Message in a Bottle

To conceal text messages on iPhone, use the “Secret Message” software, which may hide undesired text messages from being displayed in the archive to restrict external access, and it also encrypts the messages and emails to protect their security.

Message in a Bottle
Message in a Bottle

2. CryptMe

I’m curious how to conceal texts on the iPhone 7 without deleting them.


Here’s yet another program known as “CryptMe,” which is also popular among iPhone users, and it allows you to hide text messages by creating a profile and creating a password for it in order to continue receiving text messages.

3. SMS in the dark

When hide iPhone text messages, the application “Black SMS” is well-known amongst iPhone users. It integrates the password every time this same message is sent or received to avoid unwanted and external access.

SMS in the dark
SMS in the dark

Now, you can get the latest version of AnyTrans on your PC/Mac, and follow the simple steps below to get how to export and print text conversations on iPhone:

4. Here’s how to archive messages on your iPhone:

  • Install iMazing after downloading it. Connect your device to your Mac or PC after launching the software.
  • In the iMazing sidebar, choose your device, then click Back Up.
  • Configure Archival Backups.
  • Make a backup of your device.
  • Recover a backup, then choose Messages to read archived messages.

Steps on how to Archive messages using iMazing’s

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Archive messages using iMazing’s

1. Connect your device to your computer and launch iMazing.

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Install iMazing after downloading it. Connect your device to your Mac or PC after launching the software.

2. In the iMazing’s sidebar, choose your device, then click Back Up.

In the sidebar, choose your device, then click Back Up. If this is your first time backing up your device,

3. Choose a backup place.iMazing allows you to select a backup location.

4. Configure Archival Backups.

5. Make a backup of your device.

That you’ve already configured your backup choices, iMazing returns you to the Backups Options screen. Click Next when you’re ready to back up your iPhone or iPad.

5. How to Archive a WhatsApp Chat on iPhone

Archiving a communication does not remove it or save it to your SD card. When you get a new message from an archived individual or group conversation, it will remain archived. If you are referenced or replied to in an archived discussion, you will not get alerts.

Archive a WhatsApp Chat on iPhone
Archive a WhatsApp Chat on iPhone
  1. On your iPhone, launch WhatsApp.
  2. At the bottom of the screen, click the Chats icon.
  3. Choose the chat you wish to archive, then slide the message to the left and select Archive.
  4. The chat has been archived and is no longer visible in the Chats view.

6. Using the iCloud Messages

One of the most significant additions to iOS 11.4 is the ability to sync all of your files and text messages via iCloud. You only need to activate iCloud Messages to use this function.

7. Other Proven Ways to Archive iPhone Messages

Aside from dr.fone, there are many more solutions to this problem; read on for other proven options to archive iPhone texts.

Method 1: Make use of iTunes

iTunes can also let you archive text messages on your iPhone.

  1. Launch iTunes and then connect your iPhone to your computer.
  2. Then, on the “File” tab, pick “Devices” from the submenu.
  3. To begin, select the “Back Up” option, which will store the messages to the computer as an archive.

Method 2: Make Use of iCloud

iCloud, believe it or not, provides the capacity to archive texts on iPhone.

  1. Link the iPhone to the internet. From either the iPhone’s home screen, select “Settings” and then “iCloud.”
  2. Select “Backup and Storage,” then drag the slider to the “On” position.
  3. Tap “Backup Now” to include the automatic message archiving on the iCloud.

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How to Find the Archived Emails on an iPhone

Browse to the Mailboxes screen on your iPhone by opening the Mail app. If you are on the All Inboxes screen, for example, touch the “Mailboxes” button to enter the Mailboxes panel.

Find the Archived Emails on an iPhone
Find the Archived Emails on an iPhone
  1. Inside the Accounts section, tap the name of the email account containing the message you wish to recover.
  2. To access a list of your messages for this kind of account, tap the “All Mail” folder.
  3. Click the “Folder” icon after selecting the archived message.
  4. Select the Inbox folder to which you wish to move the archived message. The message is immediately moved to the folder of your choice.

How do you find archived messages on Messenger on iPhone?

  1. Navigate to your iPhone’s message app.
  2. Tap the “Home” button, which looks like a home in the lower left corner of your screen.
  3. To access the choices, swipe left on any discussion.
  4. Now select the “More” option.
  5. Tap “Archive” to move the chat to the archived folder.

Conclusion the important use of archiving messages on iPhone

This post aimed to provide readers with adaptable options for preserving text messages on iPhone, given that neither iTunes nor iCloud enable you to immediately examine these stored iPhone text messages.

Having a protected phone is a very pleasant sense for a user, thus we’ve explored every feasible option for seeing how to archive messages on iPhone.

The essay explains all you need to know about how to archive texts on iPhone. You can also utilize the third-party programs indicated above if you believe this is insufficient.

FAQS about other platform that may used a archive message

How do you search for old messages in the Messenger app?

At the bottom of the message box, click See All in Messenger. In the upper-left corner of the Messenger window, click the Settings gear symbol. Choose Hidden Chats. Each left pane displays all archived messages.

Where do iPhone Archive Messages Go?

Whenever you launch the Mail app on your iPhone, hit Mailboxes in the upper left corner of the screen to see all of current mailboxes, then tap the Archive mailbox to see all of previously archived emails.

Does the other person know if you archive a WhatsApp conversation?

WhatsApp will not notify the other person if you archive the discussion, just as it will not notify them if you delete it. It also has no influence on your online status — all archived chats will still indicate whether you’re online or not.

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