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How to change iPhone message color? The communications app underwent a significant revamp in iOS 14, but it still lacks the ability to modify the color of iMessage bubbles. However, there are several third-party alternatives available, including applications and even keyboard apps.

How to change iPhone message color
How to change iPhone message color

I couldn’t get enough of iMessage ever moment I got my hands on an iPhone, demonstrating how effective the communication platform is on Apple devices. The corporation is unable to keep up with current features that are being introduced in Android smartphones, therefore customizations play a significant role. We could not discover adequate customization choices in iOS 12 and iOS 13.

Don’t pass up the opportunity to modify the color of the iMessage bubble. In this article, I’ll teach you how to alter that color of the bubble in iMessage, and it works on previous iOS versions.

Are We Actually Changing The Message Bubble Here?

Unfortunately, iOS does not enable you to modify the color of the message bubble. By default, there seem to be three bubble colors: blue, green, and grey. You can’t alter the color of your iMessages without jailbreaking your phone, and it’s against Apple’s rules.

Color bubbles in iMessage

Color Text Bubbles has been one of the greatest apps for changing the color or appearance of such an iMessage bubble. The advertising in the free edition are obnoxious, but the software works well overall. If you really like it, then can upgrade towards the premium version to eliminate the advertising and gain access to more features.

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Explaination on how to make a fully Customize Message apps on your device

1. How to change iPhone message color in iOS 15/14

Around the world, there are eager developers that see the importance of customisation and have created a solution in the form of an application. Color Text Messages for iMessage, that either works on iPad and iPhones, may be downloaded. Phones running iOS 10 or later are supported by the solution.

  1. To access the section, develop a new message and otherwise open an existing text message and touch on the “Color” symbol.
  2. To send a message in your own words, select “Type Custom Message.”
  3. Input the text you want the recipient to rely on, and then press the blue “Text Icon” or bubble icon to proceed.
  4. You now have a color bar available on the keyboard; choose one chosen color to proceed.
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2. How To Make iMessage Dark Blue?

If you can’t alter the iMessage color, you may basically make the blur a bit darker, which looks pretty great. You might be seeing a buddy with a dark blue iMessage bubble color nowadays and desire one as well. Here are the simplest methods for figuring out how to make iMessage dark blue-

How To Make iMessage Dark Blue
How To Make iMessage Dark Blue
  1. Using your iPhone, go over to “Settings.”
  2. Select “Accessibility.”
  3. Select “Display & Text Size” below “Vision.”
  4. Switch on the “Increase Contrast” toggle.

This will turn your iMessage dark blue without requiring you to install any third-party apps or jailbreak your iPhone.

3. How to uninstall the Bubble color of Text Messages or iMessage

This lack of instructions on how to delete the program from the keyboard contributing to the very negative scores. Unfortunately, there is no option to uninstall the program from the menu. We can’t blame any developers since Apple created it that way, and everybody has to follow that example.

Uninstall the Bubble color of Text Messages or iMessage
Uninstall the Bubble color of Text Messages or iMessage
  1. Open the iMessage conversation.
  2. Swipe left in the applications menu until you’ve seen the (…) option, then tap in the texting box.
  3. To proceed, tap (…).
  4. “Color Text Bubbles” may be found in the keyboard extensions.

Now, swipe left to see the “Delete” button, and then hit it to permanently erase it.

4. Best Applications To Change iMessage Color

The Apple App Store now has a plethora of alternatives for changing the color of your iMessage. But how will you make your decision? We’ve compiled a selection of iOS apps featuring several color customization options.

Best Applications
Best Applications
  • Custom bubble – color & font
  • New Cool Fonts Keyboard
  • Keyboard Skins for iPhone
  • Color Text Messages- customizer colorful texting
  • FancyBubble – Text and Emoji Themes for iMessage
  • Live Messages – StickLive
  • Color Text Bubbles on iMessage
  • Color Chat – Chat With Colors

Select an Appropriate App

You’ll need to download a third-party software to alter the color of the iMessage bubble with iOS 14. Although there are a few possibilities, most have received mixed reviews. FancyBubble, on the other hand, has received positive feedback and is available for free download.

Launch the FancyBubble App from within iMessage.

Return to iMessage and create a new message when the app has been successfully installed. When the new draft appears, look for the FancyBubble symbol in the keyboard bar.

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Customize the Color of Your Message

You may modify several aspects of your new bubble from either the edit screen. First, you need select a typeface for your message.

Create a personalized SMS message

Are using the various items on the menu to start creating an image file that best suites you. In “Color Your Messages,” you will be seeing 3 choices in the centre of the frame: the first one was a preset text design with background, the second allows users to change the color of the text or perhaps the background, and the third allows you to change the color of the text or rather the background.

5. Changing iMessage Color by Jailbreaking Your Phone

Think about what it means to jailbreak any iPhone.

  • Inside the context of something like the iPhone community, jailbreaking refers to eliminating the numerous limitations imposed by Apple in iOS.
  • Determine whether jailbreaking ones iPhone would lose its warranties. Unless you’re already proficient with jailbreaking, you may wish to wait again until Apple warranty ends one year from purchase before jailbreaking any iPhone.

Backup your data and update your applications.

Before making any changes, keep a backup of your files in case something goes wrong.

  • Update iTunes to the most recent version.
  • Back up your iPhone using iTunes or a cloud service.

Launch the jailbreak software.

To finish the jailbreak process, you must first download the file to a different computer.

  • Install a jailbreaking application on your PC.
  • Download the software on your PC. Keep in mind that it may supply you with a password to utilize later. Make a note of it and keep it handy.

6. How to change Instagram direct message color on iphone

Anyone may modify the chat theme including accent color at whatever moment on Instagram. Here’s how to change your Instagram conversation theme or accent color, even if you’re that used an iPhone or even an Android phone.

Change Instagram direct message color on iphone
Change Instagram direct message color on iphone

Probably most often used Instagram DMS settings are standard white and night mode. With the new Instagram functionality, you may update or modify the chat theme, as well as select the accent color for your Instagram DMs.

  1. Go over to the conversation that you wish to alter the theme for and tap on it.
  2. Launch the conversation
  3. Clicking on the chat’s name ( Be it a Person or Group)
  4. A list menu containing toggles, media, and participants will appear.
  5. Select a theme
  6. Select the theme of your choice
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Some themes are special ones that keep changing with different events and below that, you will find the usual Colors & Gradient list

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Conclusion of the intriguing section on altering the color of an iPhone message

To create your monotonous talks more engaging, consider changing the iMessage colors to create messaging more enjoyable. Not only will it look great, but it would also make you would like to text more. Because the epidemic has made us less sociable, it is always more convenient to text than phone.

You may also shared this post with your friends who want to send colorful messages on thier iPhones. We hope that this article helps you alter the color of your iMessage bubble on iOS.

Although Color Text Bubbles on iMessage allows you to change the color of the bubbles effortlessly and make your discussion more fascinating, the software has certain drawbacks. It features a lot of ads, for example. This is acceptable considering that the software is free.

FAQs concerning additional colors that may be used, as well as other aspects

Why else are my iMessages becoming green?

iMessages become green in two situations. To begin, whenever you send messages to Android users, your iMessages will become green. Second, if you don’t have a connection to the internet, iMessages are sent as SMS text messages rather than iMessages.

How do you make your text different colors?

Choose the text you wish to alter. Select a color by clicking the arrow next to Font Color on the Home page.

How can I change the color of my text bubbles on my iPhone without jailbreaking it?

Do you want to change the color of your iPhone’s text without jailbreaking it? To alter the color of something like the iMessage bubble in iOS/iPadOS, install the “Color Text Bubbles on iMessage” third-party software. It allows you to change the color, font size, and font style of your iMessage bubble messages.

How can I make the text on my iPhone blue?

Turn off Settings > Messages > Send as SMS for a while. After that, have sent some messages. If they return to blue, you may reactivate Send as SMS and send further messages to guarantee they remain blue.

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