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How to recover sound from screen recording iPhone? Now that iOS 11 is available, iPhone users can effortlessly record iPhone screen activity along with internal system audio, outside environment sounds, and voice-overs. However, a lot of customers discover that when they record streaming media, YouTube videos, or FaceTime video calls, their iPhone recording is silent.

How to recover sound from screen recording iPhone
How to recover sound from screen recording iPhone

You are reading the appropriate thread if you are experiencing the same problem with iOS 15/14/13/12/11 screen recording having no sound. Here, we’ll go through 5 tried-and-true, simple fixes for the iOS screen recording no sound problem.

How to Fix the iPhone Screen Recording Error with No Sound

Fix 1. Set the Internal or External Audio to On.

Make sure you have followed the instructions for recording the iPhone screen and have enabled the voice-over (external) or the screen sound (internal sound) recording option of the iPhone Screen Recorder in order to incorporate sound with the iPhone screen recording.

 Internal or External Audio to On
Internal or External Audio to On

How to screen record on iPhone

Easy Screen Record on iPhone 13 (How to iOS 15)

How to screen record on iphone xs max? ( 8 Best Steps Solution)

How to recover sound from screen recording iPhone

Step 1. Go to Settings > Control Center > Customize Controls on your iPhone.

Step 2. Find Screen Recording by scrolling down and selecting the + sign.

Step 3. Visit the home page. To use the Screen Recording option in the Control Center on your iPhone, swipe up from the bottom edge. One can:

Long-press the Screen Recording button until the Microphone On button appears to record the iOS screen with internal sound. To turn off the microphone, press here. Amplify the iPhone’s speakers. Select the Screen Recording icon.

Long-press the Screen Recording icon to enable the microphone and record the iOS screen with your voice and internal sound. click the Screen Recording icon after that.

Fix 2. Utilize a quality iPhone screen recording program

video call recording without sound? Your recordings may be blacked out or muted if you attempt to record while a song, a video, or a FaceTime video chat is being played. This is as a result of those apps using Apple’s FairPlay DRM system. A method giving industrial-level protection for music, movies, television shows, and other digital items is called FPS (FariPlay streaming), which was unveiled at the 2015 WWDC. The copy-protected content can be viewed and heard by viewers, but they are not permitted to use it.

 iPhone screen recording program
iPhone screen recording program

Therefore, when recording movies, songs, and other DRM-protected content on your iPhone, you could run into the iPhone screen recording has no sound issue. However, you might have a look at VideoProc Converter, a reputable iPhone screen recording program. It will disable DRM security and sound-record everything you see on your iPhone’s screen.

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Screen Recording No Sound Issue on iOS 15/14/13/12/11 can be resolved using VideoProc Converter in a single step.

  • Record a video call, a Zoom meeting, music from YouTube, and protected movies and music from the iPhone screen.
  • Record iPhone sound from the system and the microphone (option to turn off)
  • There are many options for taking a full-screen or selective iPhone photo.
  • Errors such as “no sound,” “red bar,” and “not saving” can be fixed using iPhone screen recording.

The procedures below can be used to resolve the iOS screen recording no sound issue after installing VideoProc Converter:

Step 1. Utilize a USB cord to link your iPhone to a Mac.

Step 2. Pick Recorder from the main menu. You will then see your iPhone screen after selecting the iPhone symbol from the top bar.

Step 3. Select the audio you wish to record by clicking Microphone. The iPhone system, built-in microphone, and other devices’ audio can all be recorded.

Step 4. To choose a folder for the recorded video, click Browse. To record the iPhone screen with sound, use the red REC button.

Fix 3. Reset each and every setting

The “iPhone screen recording no sound” error may be brought on by incorrect or conflicting settings. We may start over and make sure nothing goes wrong by resetting the WiFi & Cellular network settings, VPN settings, Touch ID, notifications, and other settings. Resetting the settings:

Step 1. Select Reset under Settings > General.

Step 2. When prompted, choose “Reset All Settings” and input your passcode.

Step 3. Following that, choose “Reset All Settings” and tap it once more to confirm.

Fix 4. Taking Notes and Resuming

The no audio on iPhone screen recording bug was fixed, according to a user on Apple Community. It was as follows:

Step 1. Enable screen capture on your iPhone.

Step 2. To totally disable the Music app, tap the home button twice and swipe up from the muted position.

Step 3. Reopen the music app while allowing the screen recording to continue. Play the song you wish to record after that.

Step 4. Once the recording is complete, edit it to eliminate the first pointless section.

Fix 5. Refresh Your System

There are numerous reports of iOS 11 devices experiencing problems with the iPhone screen capturing sound. Since Apple hasn’t made any formal statements, we’re unsure if it’s a system bug. However, a lot of customers have found a solution by switching to a newer operating system on their gadgets. Start by resetting your iPhone and checking to see if the issue persists. Update or restore your iPhone if you’re still unable to record audio from the screen of the device.

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Step 1. Open iTunes on your Mac or PC after connecting your iPhone via a USB cord. Ensure that it is the most recent version.

Step 2. Restart your iPhone via force. Hold the button down until the Apple logo appears. Hold it down until the Recovery Mode screen appears.

Step 3. then choose “Update” from the pop-up menu (or select Restore). Hold off till the procedure is over.

Step 4. Then restart your iPhone by force.

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What does it imply if there is no sound in my screen recording?

It indicates that you have an Android app specifically designed for screen recording installed on your phone, and it is functioning as intended. The issue is that you don’t really require a screen recording, but instead, you were hoping that specialized app would also be able to record internal sound.

no sound in my screen recording
no sound in my screen recording

That’s why when you try to record gameplay or any other videos, you end up in one of two situations: 1) The video or gameplay is recorded without sound, and 2) When you enable sound recording, a dedicated Android app records both internal and external sounds, such as those from televisions, passing vehicles, and other ambient noises.


On our Android smartphones, we have tried two viable solutions for such circumstances.

1] For users of Android 10

Why does my screen recording lack internal sound? There is a very easy solution if your device is running Android 10 (or its successor).

If you’re unsure of what version of Android your smartphone is on, we recommend checking by going to Settings > About Phone > Software information.


Put in a fresh app

You need to look for the “Screen recorder with audio” in your Google “Play Store” app after opening it.

The “Screen Recorder & Video Recorder – XRecorder” application will then appear; click it to install it on your phone.Open the app after installation is finished, then follow these steps:

At the bottom right of the screen, select the “Settings” option (Gear icon)

Select “Record Audio” from the menu of choices

Then, you’ll see two choices for audio sources: 1) Microphone (which you may use to record your own voice along with screen content) and 2) Internal Audio (which has the explicit statement, “Only support Android 10 and above. Your app or game should also support internal audio recording.

Then select “Internal Audio.”

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You have now finished all the necessary procedures to enable internal sound recording while screen recording is active.

The last and final step is to activate the “XRecorder” app whenever you want to record the screen of your Android phone with internal sound. You will then notice a record screen icon in red on the right side of your screen (without opening the App)

I’m done now. If you have completed all of the aforementioned procedures and your device is running Android 10, you won’t need to wonder why your screen recording lacks sound or internal sound. Simply go and record your preferred content.

2] For those not using Android 10

Unfortunately, no matter which application you use or if you are using an Android smartphone running version 9.0 Pie or earlier, your system won’t let you record internal sound while doing screen recording unless your phone is rooted (this is a risky process, so we don’t want to recommend it to our visitors).

But hold on, there is a fix for every issue (at least in tech). While recording the screen on an Android device, internal sound can still be recorded.

Conclusion on Audio recording for iPhone

Try the second approach, which uses VideoProc Converter as an alternative to iPhone screen recorder for recording the iPhone screen with sound, if you’re still stuck after restarting, resetting, or updating. It allows for error-free audio recording of the iPhone, Windows, and Mac screens. Additionally, you can record your camera and facecam so you can create tutorials, voice calls, and gaming videos as effortlessly as going for a stroll in the park.

FAQS about recovering sound from screen recording

Can you repair a silent screen recording?

Change the volume, the sound of the recorded video might not be audible if the system volume or the volume set while using a third-party app to capture the screen is too low. Pressing the Volume Up button will raise the system or outside app volume during screen recording in either of these scenarios.

Why doesn’t my Android recording device have sound?

For any reason, you can have reduced the volume and put the gadget in silent mode. As a result, when you play the video on the phone, there is no sound. This can cause issues, and you could believe the gadget is broken when it is not. The sound can now be activated via the side button.

How can a screen recording be unmuted?

In the top center of your screen, tap the stack icon. 3. Tap “Mute” or “Unmute” in the dropdown menu after choosing the video clip.

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