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How to screen record on iphone 11 pro max? Simply tap the Screen Recorder icon in the Control Center to start recording your iPhone’s screen on an iPhone 11 Pro Max.

I frequently needed to record what was happening on my screen. Only last week did I use it to guide someone through a phone tutorial. Though it’s a fantastic tool, not everyone is familiar with screen recording.

How to screen record on iphone 11 pro max
How to screen record on iphone 11 pro max

Are you attempting to learn how to capture a screen on an iPhone 11 Pro Max? This is the best place to learn, I suppose. I’ll cover that and other topics in simple steps. Let’s get started straight now.

How Can the Control Center Get a Screen Recording Icon?

You must add the screen recording button to the Control Center on your Apple iPhone before you can start recording your screen.

Control Center Get a Screen Recording Icon
Control Center Get a Screen Recording Icon

How to screen record on iPhone

How to screen record on iphone xs max?

How to screen record on iphone 8 plus ( Easy Solution)

Take these actions:

  1. Open the “Settings” app from the Home Screen. It resembles the gear icon.
  2. Select “Control Center” from the menu by scrolling down.
  3. Then select “Customize Controls.”
  4. In the “Screen Recording” box, click the green circle.

How can I begin recording my screen?

We can begin recording by pressing the screen recording button in the Control Center of your Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max.

  1. To access the Control Center, swipe downward from the top-right corner of the screen.
  2. The button for screen recording has the appearance of a solid circle inside of another circle. To begin screen recording on your Apple iPhone, tap it.

How Do You Record Sound?

By default, the Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max will only record audio from within the device and not outside noise picked up by the microphone.

Screen Record With Sound
Screen Record With Sound

You can use your Apple iPhone to talk over your screen recording footage if you want to.

How to screen record on iphone 11 pro max:

  1. To display the Control Center, swipe down from the Home Screen.
  2. The screen recorder button should be held down.
  3. Toggle “Microphone On” by pressing the microphone icon. Now, ambient sound will be captured by your Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max.
  4. To record the screen, tap “Start Recording.”

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How Can Screen Recording Be Stopped?

You can halt recording on your Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max in two different methods.

The first is as simple as tapping the red oval that surrounds the clock on your phone when recording. Then, to confirm it, tap “Stop.”

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If you swipe down the Control Center and click the screen recording button, you can also halt recording.

Where can I access saved screen captures?

Do the following to locate the films you’ve captured of the Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max screen:

Access saved screen captures
Access saved screen captures
  1. Launch the Photos app from the Home Screen.
  2. The most recent video on the Camera Roll will be it.
  3. Click on it to start the video.

You may also choose the notification that appears when a screen recording is saved to play the video.

How to Record iPhone Screen on iOS 15

Your iPhone’s screen can be recorded in a few easy steps. This post will teach you how to take a screen capture of what’s on your computer screen and send it to friends, family, or coworkers.

A helpful screen recording function in Apple’s iOS 15 software can be used to demonstrate what you’ve been doing on your phone. You can use it to email someone a tutorial, a summary of a game you’re playing, or even a glitch you’re experiencing with your current iOS version.

You might not be aware of how to record what is on your iPhone screen because iOS 15 doesn’t make the process very obvious.

We’re going to walk you through the process in a few simple steps if you’ve just moved to an iPhone or if you just forgot how to screen record on an iPhone.

Here’s how to use iOS 15 to screen record an iPhone.

How to Record iPhone Screen on iOS 15

To record the screen of your iPhone, you don’t require any complicated software or jailbreaks. Simply add an icon to the Control Center on your iPhone.

When using an iPhone without a home button or when using an iPhone with a home button, pulling from the top right or bottom edge of the screen will bring up the Control Center panel.

Here’s how to add screen recording to the Control Center on your iPhone:

  1. First, launch your phone’s Settings app.
  2. Click on Control Center.
  3. Find Screen Recording in the Included Controls section.
  4. Select Screen Recording by tapping the green + symbol.

The Screen Recording icon will then be added to the Control Center of your iPhone for convenience. You can now start recording the iPhone’s screen.

When you’re prepared to capture the screen of your iPhone, adhere to these steps:

  1. On your iPhone, open the Control Center.
  2. Select the Screen Recording icon. It is the icon with the shaded circle inside another circle.
  3. When you do that, your iPhone will start counting down for three seconds before the recording actually begins.
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A red indicator in the upper left corner of the screen will appear after you begin recording your iPhone’s screen. When you tap this icon, a menu will appear that will allow you to end the screen capture at any time.

Your video will instantly be sent to your Photos application after you choose to stop recording so that you can edit it and/or share it with others using programs like Messages.

Control Center on your iPhone
Control Center on your iPhone

Screen Recording doesn’t have many controls beyond the option to halt the recording. The Control Center’s Screen Recording icon can be long-pressed to provide a number of alternatives, though.

Two controls are present on this screen (as seen in the image above). You can easily record with a program like Twitch by using the control in the center of the screen. You may turn on or off the iPhone’s microphone using the control at the bottom of the screen.

Because of copyright or privacy concerns, it’s vital to be aware that some applications might prevent you from using screen recording. Additionally, you cannot record the screen of your iPhone while using screen mirroring.

You should think about getting Apple’s iOS 15.5 update right away if security is crucial to you.

If you want to protect your device and its data, iOS 15.5’s 27 new security fixes for the iPhone are crucial. On Apple’s security website, you may find more information about these upgrades.

If you didn’t get iOS 15.4.1, it just contained one new security patch. On Apple’s website, you may get additional information about it.

In case you missed it, iOS 15.4 included a whopping 36 additional security patches. Go to Apple’s security website for more information if you’re interested in learning more about these patches.

How Do I Record My iPhone 13’s Screen?

The steps below can be used to screen record on an iPhone 13:

  1. The Screen Recording button needs to be first added to Control Center. Go to Settings > Control Center and tap the Plus next to Screen Recording to accomplish this.
  2. Swipe to open the Control Center after you’ve navigated to the app or action you wish to record.
  3. Tap the screen recording symbol (it looks like a solid dot with a circle around it) to begin the recording right away. (Go to step 7 now.)
  • Tap and hold the screen recording icon to turn on the microphone and specify where to save the recording.
  1. A new screen with options for the recording opens if you tap and hold the screen recording icon.
  • If your iPhone has multiple apps that allow you to save screen recordings, choose the one you wish to use by pressing it.
  • The iPhone’s microphone is normally off while screen recordings are being made, but you may set it on so you can speak while the recording is being made. Toggle the microphone on by tapping the symbol.
  1. Press the Record button. A countdown clock starts at three. The recording begins when the timer expires.
  1. Open Control Center and tap the screen recording icon once more to end the recording. (Tap Stop Recording as shown below if you have the Screen Recording controls open like in step 5).
  1. Videos of screen captures are by default saved in the Photos app’s Videos album. Find your screen recording video there if you used a different program in step 5.
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Swiping down the Control Center and selecting the record button are the only two steps required to record the screen on your iPhone 11 Pro Max. Even when recording, you can make use of the microphone.

Knowing how to record screens is essential if you frequently show people videos and other media on your Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max display. It is convenient to be able to do this.

Did this article’s instructions on how to record your Apple device’s screen assist you? If so, why don’t you check out a few of our other posts as well?


Screen recording is it available on the iPhone 13?

Open the Settings app first, then select the Screen Recording button. Tap “Control Center” near the top of Settings. Swipe down to the “Screen Recording” option in the Control Center settings (with the plus symbol beside it).

Is recording on the iPhone 13 Pro Max possible?

On iOS 13 and 14, you must first create an account in order to record incoming calls using your Google Voice account. Just access Google Voice and adhere to the directions. The next step after setting up your account is to enable call recording so you can record and have the discussion automatically saved as an MP3 file.

On my iPhone 11 Pro Max, how do I record audio?

Open the Voice Memos app on your iPhone to create your first audio recording. To begin recording in Voice Memos, tap the big red button at the bottom of the screen. The microphone on your iPhone is now recording the sounds.

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