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How to screen record on iphone xs max? It can be very helpful to perform a tutorial or demonstrate to a friend how to complete specific tasks in an Apple iPhone XS Max by recording the screen of your mobile device or cell phone, saving it in a video file, and then sending it or uploading it to a platform like YouTube or social networks.

How to screen record on iphone xs max
How to screen record on iphone xs max

How to screen record on iPhone

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How to screen record on iphone 11 pro max? ( Quick Best Guide)

A TikTok video, a phone call, or a video call (FaceTime) with a family member are examples of things we might want to record on video with sound occasionally. We might do this as a memento or as evidence.

Follow these instructions to record this on your Apple iPhone XS Max:

Step 1:

First, we must make sure that our iPhone XS Max’s screen recording feature is turned on (if we already have it we can go to point 5). On your Apple iPhone XS Max’s home screen, there is a gear symbol that you may tap to access Settings to examine it.

Step 2:

Once we have located the “Control Center” option in the menu on the left, we click on it and then “Customize controls.”

Step 3:

If the screen recording control is already turned on, it will be the first item in the list under “INCLUDE” on our iPhone XS Max. We may adjust the order in which it appears by clicking on the three horizontal lines to the control’s right and dragging up or down. By clicking on the red button on the left, we can also take away the control.

Step 4:

If the activated control is not visible, scroll down until it does and click the green “+” button next to the “Add to panel” icon. We can now leave the Apple iPhone XS Max’s settings after completing this step.

Step 5:

Swipe up from the bottom of the screen you want to start the video on (iPhone 7 and older, iPad with iOS 11 or earlier). Swipe from the upper right corner of the screen where you wish to start the video down (iPhone X, iPad with iOS 12 or iPadOS).

Step 6:

Press the recording icon on your Apple iPhone XS Max to start recording a video without using the microphone. A 3-second countdown will start, and then the recording will start. A red line and the word “Recording” will appear at the top of the screen, indicating that everything you see is being recorded.

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Press and hold the button Record screen icon press on the microphone to activate the microphone if you want to record a video using the microphone in addition to the sound of the iPhone XS Max itself (this is useful, for example, to explain the functionality of an app to a friend or to record a message while recording the video from the Apple iPhone XS Max screen).

Step 7:

You may either access the Control Center (Step 5 of this guide) and select the Recording screen icon to stop recording or you can select “Stop” by clicking on the red line in the status bar at the top of the screen.

Step 8:

Your Apple iPhone XS Max screen will display a notice at the top indicating that the screen recording footage has been saved to “Photos” (formerly known as the Camera Roll).

Go to the Photos application and look for your video recording of the Apple iPhone XS Max screen there. From there, you can view and share it.

Create a recording on the iPhone’s Voice Memos app.

The Voice Memos app (included in the Utilities folder) allows you to use your iPhone as a portable recorder to capture a variety of audio, including personal notes, lectures from the classroom, musical inspirations, and more. With the use of editing tools like cut, replace, and resume, you may perfect your recordings.

Recording on the iPhone's Voice Memos app
Recording on the iPhone’s Voice Memos app

How to screen record on iphone xs max

Reminder: You can move an app from a folder to the Home Screen to make it simpler to find and open the Voice Memos app.

Use the internal microphone, a compatible headset, or an external microphone to record voice memos.

Create a simple recording

  1. Tap the Record button to start recording.

Move the microphone closer or farther away from what you’re recording to alter the recording level.

  1. For the recording to end, press the Stop button.

If Location Services is enabled in Settings > Privacy, your recording is saved with the name New Recording or your current location. Tap the recording, then tap the name, then type a new name to alter it.

See Edit a recording in Voice Memos for details on how to perfect your recording.

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To protect your privacy, when you use Voice Memos to record, an orange dot signals that your microphone is active at the top of your screen.

Utilize the sophisticated recording tools.

sophisticated recording tools
sophisticated recording tools
  1. You can record something in segments, pausing and starting again as you go.

Tap the Record button to start recording.

Move the microphone closer or farther away from what you’re recording to alter the recording level.

While recording, swipe up from the top of the waveform to see more information.

  1. To stop recording, press the Pause button; to resume, press the Resume button.
  1. Tap the Play button to listen to your recording again.

Drag the waveform across the playhead before pressing the Play button to alter where playback starts.

  1. Tap Done to save the recording.

If Turn on Location Services is enabled in Settings > Privacy, your recording is saved with the name New Recording or the name of your location. Tap the recording, then tap the name, then type a new name to alter it.

Stop and start tones should be muted.

Use the iPhone’s volume down button to completely lower the volume while recording.

While recording, use another app.

You can use another app while recording as long as it doesn’t play audio on your device. Voice Memos stops recording when the application starts playing sounds.

 Use another app
Use another app
  1. You can access another app from the Home Screen while recording in Voice Memos.
  2. Tap the tiny orange icon at the top of the screen to get back to Voice Memos.

Your recording is kept in iCloud and instantly shows up on all of your devices if you’re signed in with the same Apple ID if Voice Memos is enabled in the iCloud settings or preferences.

The internal microphone only allows for mono recordings; however, an external stereo microphone compatible with the iPhone allows for stereo recordings. A “Made for iPhone” or “Works with iPhone” label from Apple should be present on any accessories.

Activating Markup

The OS overlays your current app for a brief period of time in the lower-left corner of the screen whenever you take a screenshot. You are immediately taken to the Markup environment after tapping that.

Open the Photos app, choose an image, choose Edit, and then choose More (…). From the choices sheet, pick Markup. You might notice a symbol of a pen inside of a circle in some applications and situations, which also opens the current image in Markup. Before sending an image to someone else in Messages, tap it. Then, press the Markup link in the lower-left corner to access the same tools.

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On an iPad and an iPhone, the view is almost same. The Undo and Redo buttons are located on the Markup strip at the bottom of the iPad screen, whereas they are at the top of the screen on the iPhone. While using Markup tools, the iPad’s Markup strip also features a More (…) button that, when clicked, enables Auto-Minimize, which reduces the strip to a button. The iPad additionally displays five color options in addition to the color wheel, which is the only color item presented on an iPhone.

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Conclusion on external sound recording on iPhone XS Max

The Voice Memos app is a native audio recording feature for the iPhone from Apple. Naturally; it is a portable audio recording device. You can use the internal microphone, Bluetooth headsets, or supported external microphones to record a voice memo. Very convenient to use at any time or location.

FAQS about screen record on iphone XS max

On my iPhone XS, how can I voice record?

Open the Voice Memos app on your iPhone to create your first audio recording. To begin recording in Voice Memos, tap the big red button at the bottom of the screen. Your iPhone is now using its built-in microphone to record the sounds.

Can an iPhone XS Max record a screen?

Select the tiny white circle in the square icon by swiping up the Control Centre. This is the icon for screen recording. – After the recorder counts down from 3, whatever you do on your iPhone will be captured on tape. – To stop the recording after you’re finished, hit the red recording timer at the top of your screen.

How do I use Max to capture my screen with sound?

From the Applications folder, launch QuickTime Player, then select File > New Screen Recording from the menu. The onscreen controls mentioned above or the Screen Recording window mentioned below will then appear. Select a microphone to capture your voice or other audio alongside the screen recording.

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