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Isn’t true that is iPhone 13 Pro Max water-resistant? Apple claims that now the iPhone 13 and 13 Mini are splash, water, and dust resistant in the lab and can withstand depths of up to 6 meters for up to 30 minutes. Regardless, bringing any piece of equipment into the sea is not recommended due to the hazards and expenses involved.

Is the iPhone 13 Pro Max water-resistant
Is the iPhone 13 Pro Max water-resistant

After example, while they are water-resistant in some ways, Apple has cautioned that utilizing them in just this manner may cause resistance to deteriorate over time. You also have to wait a long time to charge a damp iPhone, among other things. While it may survive some events, there are hazards associated with submerging your iPhone.

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Is iPhone 13 Pro Max water-resistant?

Apple’s freshly released iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max both seem to have a spill, water, and dust resistance certification of IP68 per IEC standard 60529 and were tested under controlled laboratory circumstances (maximum depth of 6 meters up to 30 minutes). Splash, liquid, and filth resistance are not permanent properties, and resistance may diminish with normal wear.

 Do not attempting to charge a wet iPhone; instead, follow the cleanup and drying procedures in the user handbook. In the event that your phone sustains liquid damages, Apple will not repair it under insurance. You will have to pay to get your phone repaired. For example, if the phone motherboard fails in this situation, your phone will not work.Therefore kindly, please preserve your phone in water and avoid the electronics repair store’s hefty fees.

iPhone 13 Waterproof Rating

The iPhone 13 has an IP68 certification for ingress resistance. It can be underwater for up to 30 minutes in up to 6 meters of water.

Since the iPhone 7, every iPhone has acquired an ingress protection (IP) rating to determine its waterproofing. Every IP rating comprises of 2 numbers. Other information on some features in iPhone 7 also in Screen Recording.

The very first value goes from 0 to 6 and represents a device’s resistance to solids such as dust and grime. The second number runs from 0 to 8 and represents a device’s resistance to liquids. A score of 8 indicates that the device can be immersed in water for more than one meter, with the specific distance and time given by the phone maker.

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iPhone 13 Waterproof Test Video

iPhone 13 Waterproof Test Video

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The Ingress Protection scale just gained a new water – resistant score: 9k. An IP69k gadget is potentially more water resistant than an IP68 device, although there are currently relatively few mobile phones with just this classification. IP69k is unlikely to become the industry standard for mobile devices for some years.

Can I Use My iPhone 13 Underwater?

We do not advocate submerging your iPhone. Water resistance on an iPhone degrades over time. The majority of people really would like to utilize their iPhone as an underwater camera, but they weren’t built to do so. If you do would like an underwater camera, we recommend having one that is particularly intended to work in water.

Although your iPhone 13 cannot be used as an underwater camera, a 2019 Apple patent shows that the company is striving to enhance iPhone capabilities underwater. Much of this patent is concerned with installing extra hardware, such as a pressure sensor, to evaluate if the gadget can be used safely underwater.

What to do if you drop your iPhone in water

It is just too simple for your iPhone to become wet. But, whether you were caught in a severe downpour or dropped your gadget into a lake, our advise remains the very same. Even with iPhones that are water-resistant.

1. Switch it off right away.

As long as you remove your iPhone from the water, switch it off. Press the Sides and Volume Up buttons together, then drag to power off.

2. Remove your iPhone from its cover.

If your iPhone is protected by a case, water may have become trapped when you dropped it. Remove your iPhone’s cover and whatever other accessories, along with the screen protector.

3. Remove fluids from the ports.

Nothing should be inserted into the lightning or headphone connections. Rotate your iPhone so that the port is facing down and touch it lightly to encourage liquid to trickle out. Do the same for the speakers.

4. Take out your SIM card.

Remove the SIM card and gently dry it. Put it somewhere safe now. Leave the SIM tray through your iPhone to make a vent, which aids in the evaporation of something like the liquid within.

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5. Allow your iPhone to dry.

Allow your iPhone to dry for 24–48 hours. And also don’t put it in a rice bag. Alternatively, choose a flat, open spot to leave your iPhone.

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Is iPhone 13 Pro Max water-resistant? (Easy Guide!) 9

Can iPhone 13 take pictures underwater?

Both of the iPhone 13 and the iPhone 13 Mini are “water-resistant,” correct? Furthermore, the term “waterproof” does not imply “water resistance.” Therefore, if you want to shoot underwater shots with your iPhone 13, I recommend either a basic waterproof cover for iPhone 13 or a Waterproofing Case & Cover for iPhone 13/Pro/Max.

Best waterproof cases for iPhone 13

Editor’s choice: Temdan

You should seek for the finest waterproof phone cover that provides all of the necessary protection at a reasonable price. Temdan waterproofing phone covers for iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro exceed those expectations. It is IP68 approved and therefore can withstand water at a depths of 2m for 30 minutes. This must sufficient if you like simple outdoor sports such as swimming, fishing, or casual water sports.

Temdan iPhone Case
Temdan iPhone Case

JOTO waterproof pouch – Universal compatibility

What if you really need to secure your phone against water or moisture but wouldn’t want to spend lots of money on a protective case? The JOTO Universal Pouch is ideal for you! It can accommodate any smartphone with a diagonal measurement of up to 7 inches. It is IPX8 approved and therefore can sustain your iphone for up to 100 feet. deep in the sea Clean windows along either side of both the pouch allow you to use your phone with ease. The bag also protects your phone from snow and dust.

JOTO waterproof pouch
JOTO waterproof pouch

Transy – Lightweight and durable

Transy’s waterproof case is ideal for those searching for a waterproof case with durability and a small form factor. The casing, which is shockingly thin, is comprised of a mix of TPU and PC. The corners have indeed been reinforced. Additionally, the casing is IP68 certified and enables wireless charging. The case’s weight of 2.28 oz is, nevertheless, the biggest revelation herein.

Transy  Waterproof Case
Transy Waterproof Case

Fansteck – Complete drop damage protection

Whereas waterproof phone covers provide basic protection against drops and falls, none appear to be strong enough to endure the impact of a higher degree fall. Fanstack, but at the other hand, provides total shock and fall prevention. It has an IP68 certification and also protects the phone from snow but also dust. The iPhone was tested for nearly 2 hours in 6.6ft of water with both the case, and so it emerged unscathed.

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Fansteck Case
Fansteck Case

MOMOTS diving case – For underwater shenanigans

The business has developed a high-quality diving phone cover for the iPhone 13 and 13 Pro. If you enjoy adventurous water sports activities such as snorkeling and would like to plunge deep into the depths to get the greatest films or images, this phone cover is for you. It is IPX8 certified and can withstand water up to a depth of 15m. This phone case’s sturdy shell also helps the phone deal with the high pressure prevalent at such depths.

MOMOTS Diving case
MOMOTS Diving case

Conclusion Is iPhone 13 Pro Max waterproof

All iPhone 13 models are resistant against accidental spills and rain, as well as the majority of typical water-related events. When it comes to filming things also with phone underwater, everything get a little more complicated.

Although no phone is completely waterproof, the iPhone 13 and its predecessors are more water-resistant than prior devices. This does not imply that they are totally waterproof, but some of their characteristics allow them to endure damage superior than some other gadgets. However, the iPhone 13 is not completely waterproof and has never been intended to be.

FAQS iphone 13 waterproof issues

Can the iPhone 13 shoot photos underwater?

Yes, you can take underwater shots with the iPhone 13, but only up to a depth of 1 to 2 meters, so be cautious. The most recent iPhones have been classified as IP68/IP67, that indicates they can survive water for 30 minutes at a depth of at least meters and 30 min at a depth of 1 meter.

How long does it take to dry an iPhone 13?

5 hours Apple suggests allowing your iPhone 13 to air dry for at least 5 hours before removing the SIM tray, reconnecting any cords, and/or powering your phone.

What is the best way to dry my iPhone 13 Pro Max?

To remove extra liquid from your iPhone, gently tap it on your hand with the Lightning connector pointing down. Place the gadget in a dry, well-ventilated place. Placing the gadget in front of a fan that blows cold air straight into the Lightning connection may aid in drying.

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