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Is iPhone 8 really Waterproof? No, but it is waterproof.

This iPhone 8 has an IP67 rating, that indicates it can withstand immersion in three feet of water for up to 30 minutes. As a result, the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus are water-resistant rather than waterproof.

The highest mark for dust protection is 6, which implies that the iPhone 8 is totally shielded from dust and other pollutants. The second highest degree of moisture resistance is 7, which indicates the gadget can tolerate being immersed in 6 inches to 3 meters of water for up to 30 minutes.

Is iPhone 8 really Waterproof
Is iPhone 8 really Waterproof

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Is iPhone 8 really Waterproof or Water Resistant?

Firstly, let us just distinguish between both the phrases waterproof and water resistant. (When you review those descriptions, keep in mind that the iPhone 8 is water resistant, not waterproof.)

The term “waterproof” refers to a gadget that is completely sealed against liquid entering it. Waterproof items may so endure submersion in water indefinitely without liquid leaking through them.

In contrast, “water resistant” denotes that a gadget is water resistant under particular conditions. Water resistance is often connected with pressurization depth and exposure time.

How To Minimize The Risks of Water Damage

Based on the facts shown above, we strongly advise against putting your iPhone 8 into in the shower with yourself. More precisely, restricting contact with water is the best approach to prevent liquid damage to your iPhone 8.

However, if you really want the to take the necessary precautions and reduce the chance of water damage, consider purchasing a waterproof cover for your iPhone 8. Those cases add one notch to the IP moisture scale, essentially increasing the device’s waterproof classification from IP67 to IP68.

This increase in IP rating effectively allows your iPhone 8 to be immersed in an additional 0.5 meters of depth of water for the same amount of time (30 minutes).

Is the iPhone 8 Plus Waterproof?

Your iPhone 8 Plus does have an IP67 rating, that also means this could withstand immersion in three meters of water for up to 30 minutes. This implies that if the iPhone 8 or iPhone 8 Plus is submerged for more than 30 minutes, it will most certainly die.

iPhone 8 water test Video

iPhone 8 Plus Waterproof test Rating

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What Reduces iPhone 8 Water Resistance?

In these other cases, your iPhone 8’s water-resistant certification may not applied as expected. For example, if you’ve damaged your iPhone screen (quite so many individuals have), there will be a lot more possibility for water and get into your phone’s internal circuitry.

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Additional factors that may have an influence on the iPhone 8’s waterproof certification include:

Internal harm

If you drop your iPhone and cause damage, even if it’s unseen, this might affect the iphone’s water resistance.

Inadequate cleaning procedures

Cleaning the insides of your phone ports with compressed air may potentially harm the seal. While using a blast of pressured air to clean dust and filth through your phone ports may appear to be a smart idea, Apple advises against it.

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There’s always the possibility that your iPhone 8 is less water-resistant than it should be. There’s a reason Apple doesn’t replace water-damaged phones.

What’s The IP Rating of iPhone 8?

An IP rating is used to assess the resistance of technology to water and dust. The greater the number, the more durable the device. Apple designed the iPhone 8 to be dust and water resistant, with an IP67 classification. This implies that the phone is entirely dust-proof. In terms of dust rating, a gadget may have a maximum score of 6.

7 indicates that the phone is water resistant for 30 minutes in up to 1 metre of water. Water damage might occur if you leave your iPhone 8 in the water for an extended period of time. If you go much further, the insides of your phone might be severely destroyed.

Is the iPhone Waterproof With A Cracked Screen?

When your iPhone 8 seems to have a cracked screen, the advice above may not be applicable. According to Apple’s documentation, each phone’s water resistance is only temporary, and wear and tear may reduce the waterproof rating.

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Is iPhone 8 really Waterproof ?(Ultimate Guide) 6

Considering that the iphone 8 is waterproof when cracked

As a result, if your iPhone 8 has a cracked screen, it is less likely to be water resistant. Any breaks in the water seal of your iPhone 8 may jeopardize its integrity.

So, if the outside state of your iPhone 8 is considerably poorer than when you bought it, you’re more likely to suffer water damage.

Is Liquid Damage Covered By My iPhone 8 Protection Plan?

Despite the fact that the iPhone 8 is water-resistant, liquid damages is just not protected by the iPhone guarantee. So, before you show off your waterproof iPhone 8 party trick, consider the long-term implications!

Besides from water, is the iPhone 8 resistant to liquids?

For the sake of this post, we will assume that your iPhone was fallen in water and not in any extra liquid, including such coffee or juice.

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This is an essential distinction because Apple’s IP classification technically only applies to fresh water. The iPhone 8’s waterproof rating was tested in a controlled lab environment using fresh water by the smartphone maker.

If you spilled something other than water on your iPhone 8, it’s typically fine. Assuming it was only a fast spill, if you quickly wiped up the liquid and/or washed it with a bit of water before letting the phone dry, your iPhone 8 should be OK.

What To Do If Your Device Gets Wet

Don’t worry if your iPhone 8 comes into touch with water; it’ll probably be alright.

Making a reference to your phone’s IP rating, it should be able to withstand water damage for up to 30 minutes in 1 meter (3 feet) of fresh water.

However, Apple notes that the waterproof sealing may deteriorate with time, then maybe you should still follow the appropriate precautions:

  1. Switch off your phone if it is on. If it goes off by itself, leave it alone!
  2. Wipe up the water as quickly as possible using a towel.
  3. Shake the gadget to remove any excess water by lightly tapping it against your hand, charging port facing down.
  4. Place your iPhone 8 in a dry spot (we recommend the well-known bowl of rice), and don’t charge it while it’s drying. You may accelerate this process by directing a cold air blower towards the device, preferably immediately at the charging connection.
  5. If in doubt, take the phone to an Apple Store or a trained technician for an inspection.
 If Your iPhone Device Gets Wet
If Your iPhone Device Gets Wet

Does Water Resistance on an iPhone Last?

Users can’t really make the iPhone 8 waterproof, but then you can help it withstand water.

Therefore, assuming your phone can withstand being submerged (up to 3 feet) for around half an hour, you would assume you don’t have to worry about pouring a glass of water on it. To some extent, this is correct. If you inadvertently get your phone wet, it should still operate.

However, with such an expensive and crucial item as an iPhone, it is best to be cautious. You wouldn’t want the iPhone 8’s water resistance rating to deteriorate over time.

Can You Make an iPhone 8 Waterproof?

So, since you can’t acquire waterproof iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus phones, can you do anything to make your smartphone more waterproof? To some extent, yes.

The only way to properly waterproof an iPhone 8 is to shut off any access points into the technology that may allow water to enter. Because there is no actual method to do so without completely rebuilding your phone, your best choice is to use the appropriate accessories.

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Begin by attaching a wrist strap on your phone to make it less likely to fall.

Prevention is the best remedy for an iPhone problem. Wear a wrist strap to keep your phone safe if you know you’re clumsy with your electronics.

Does Apple’s Warranty Cover Water Damage?

It does not, unfortunately.

Despite Apple’s touting of the iPhone 8’s waterproof nature, the company’s warranty does not cover liquid damage. This is plainly stated in Apple’s warranty literature.

Furthermore, Apple expressly warns against submerging your iPhone 8 in water. So, if your iPhone 8 suffers water damage, Apple will not repair or replace it without asking you the out-of-warranty replacement fee.

Apple’s Warranty Cover Water Damage?
Apple’s Warranty Cover Water Damage?

In reality, every iPhone 8 includes an inbuilt Liquid Touch Indicator (LCI) that activates when it comes into contact with liquid. The placement of the LCI on an iPhone 8 or iPhone 8 Plus is depicted in the diagram below. If the LCI has been enabled, as seen in the image below, Apple is unlikely to honor the phone’s warranty.

Conclusion for the Certification Rating for iPhone 8

The IP67 water and dust resistance rating also applies to Apple’s iPhone 8 and 8 Plus. Apple advises that while its devices are water and dust resistant, these are not permanently conditions, and resistance may decline due to normal usage.

Considering Apple doesn’t really cover water damage to iOS devices, it’s recommended to proceed with caution whenever exposing a water-resistant iPhone to liquids, avoiding contact wherever possible..

FAQS about some Do’s and Don’t on iPhone 8 Water Resistance

How long is the iPhone 8 waterproof?

Considering this certification, the iPhone 8 is not technically waterproof. The iPhone 8’s waterproof rating of 7 out of 9 implies that it can withstand water damage for up to 30 minutes in 1 meter (3 feet) of fresh water.

What is the IP67 rating of the iPhone 8?

IP67 is made up of two numbers: one for dust resistance and another for water resistance. IP6x is the greatest dust resistance grade, indicating that the iPhone X is completely dust-proof. IPx7, the water resistance certification, indicates that the iPhone X can endure immersion in water up to one meter (3.3 feet) for 30 minutes under laboratory circumstances.

Can I bring my iPhone 8 in the shower?

That device along with the iPhone 7, 7 Plus, 8, and 8 Plus is IP67-rated, meaning it can survive in 1 meter of water for 30 minutes.

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