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Isn’t Apple’s iPhone XR a better option these days? the answer is yes even up to the year 2020. Is the iPhone XR waterproof? Is Apple’s colored iPhone, on the other hand, waterproof? Here is what everyone should know.

Not long ago, the idea of a waterproof iPhone was just a pipe dream, something iPhone customers hoped for but didn’t have. Waterproof phones were previously confined to Google’s Android platform.

Is the iPhone XR waterproof
Is the iPhone XR waterproof?

Which iPhone Models Are Waterproof? (Answered!) 

Are iPhone 11 Waterproof Resistance?

Is the iPhone XR waterproof?

Your iPhone XR is water resistant but still not waterproof. This could withstand depths of up to 1 meter for up to 30 minutes (IP67). It also means that little spills, dips, or sprays of water should not be detrimental.

Waterproof means that now the phone is resistant to water, regardless of depth or length of time submerged. The iPhone XR is just water-resistant, that indicates it can only sustain minor water damage.

Is Any iPhone Actually Waterproof?

There seems to be no completely waterproof iPhone on the market, even though all models since the iPhone 7 are water-resistant. The most recent iPhones are far more water-resistant, and they can be submerged in up to 20 feet of water for 30 minutes without really being damaged.

iPhone XR IP67 Rating Waterproof test: What Does It Mean?

As you’ll see, IP ratings are based on two types of protection: 1) against dust and other contaminants, and 2) the quantity of water it can endure. The iPhone XR has an IP67 classification, which means it can survive a small amount of water for up to 30 minutes in depths greater than one meter.

This means you should prevent swimming in a pool or immersing your iPhone XR in water. The IP67 rating on the iPhone XR is intended to protect it from “accidents,” such as accidentally dropping it in your pint or down the drain.

iPhone XR and XS Waterproof Test Video

Phone XR and XS Waterproof Test Video

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This doesn’t really necessarily indicate that the iPhone XR is entirely waterproof. It simply means that the water would not affect your iPhone as long as it is not too deep and is not exposed for an extended period of time. Users risk harming your phone if you keep it in there for a lengthy period of time.

What Does IP67 Mean?

Nowadays days, the designation IP67 is often used. It’s one of those things you read and believe you understand, however when pressed, you discover you don’t.

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So, here’s a summary of what IP67 entails:

Water and dust resistant connection items are identified using Ingress Protection (IP) designations.

The very first number after IP denotes the part’s durability to solid particles like dust and sand. This rating ranges from 0 to 6, with 0 suggesting no protection from sand and dust and 6 representing total protection from dust and sand.

That second number after IP denotes the part’s protection to liquids. It ranges from 0 to 8.

IP67 equipment is the most common in the connection industry. It is entirely resistive to solid things such as dust and sand, and it has been proven to work for at least 30 minutes at water depths ranging from 15cm to 1m.

Can You Use the iPhone XR in the Shower?

To safeguard the iPhone XR, Apple advises customers not to swim, bathe, or wash it. No iPhone is impenetrable to high-pressure or high-temperature water jets, and steam penetrating your cellphone might cause damage.

Your iPhone’s water protection is designed to protect it from accidental drops, not to be used underwater. So, although it’s fine to spill your drink on your iPhone or drop this in the pool, you should avoid using it in the shower, sauna, or ocean.

Protecting Your iPhone XR From Water Damage

Because of iPhone XR is not totally waterproof and its warranties does not cover water damage, it is critical to exercise extreme caution when using it near water.

So here are a few tips for keeping your phone from water damage:

  • Avoiding taking a shower while holding your phone. While it can take minor splashes and tumbles in the bath, it still has to be protected.
  • Leaving it behind when using the restroom. Accidents do occur.
  • Rain and thunderstorms should be avoided. Apple recommends that consumers do not use their devices in adverse weather.
  • Take it with you when you go surfing or swimming, no matter how difficult the conditions are.
  • Stop tampering with the phone’s internals.
iPhone XR From Water Damage
iPhone XR From Water Damage

What To Do When Your iPhone XR Drops In Water?

Accidents happen, and your phone may have been submerged in water. Don’t get too worked up. If this occurs, the following steps should be done to avoid further damage:

  1. To clean the phone, use a soft, lint-free cloth.
  2. Disconnect all cords and accessories.
  3. Allow water to flow via the lightning connection.
  4. Give at least 5 hours for it to dry fully before opening the SIM tray, charging it, or turning it on.
  5. Whenever you immerse your phone in anything other than water:
  6. Clean it in hot or cold water.
  7. Wipe it with a soft, lint-free cloth.
  8. Gently press your phone with the lighting connector pointing down. Allow any excess liquid to drain.
  9. Place it in a well-ventilated, dry area. You could use a fan to quickly dry it.
  10. Should not turn on the device until it has completely dried.
  11. Do not use heat or compressed air to dry the phone.
  12. It is not permissible to insert or poke a stick into the phone’s lightning connector.
  13. Avoiding using harsh cleaning chemicals such as soap, detergents, or adhesive removers to clean the phone.
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Wipe away the dust with a clean, lint-free cloth. Avoiding using alcohol, soap, as well as other cleaning agents. Also, avoid using pressurized air or blasting it.

How To Tell If Your iPhone XR Is Water Damaged

Whenever water gets into your iPhone, the Liquid Contact Indicator (LCI) glows red. Disconnect the SIM card tray just on right side of your iPhone, and you’ll be able to see the LCI sticker at the rear of the slot.

What’s An Ingress Protection Rating?

Ingress protection certifications tell us how resistant an item is to dust and water. The first quantity in an ingress protection rating indicates how dust-resistant a device is, while the second number indicates how water-resistant it is.

An iPhone XR received a 6 for dust protection and a 7 for water resistance. The iPhone XR is completely dust-proof since IP6X is the highest dust-resistance designation a device can achieve. IPX7 is the second highest water-resistance grade that a device may have.

3 Ways to get water out of iPhone XR speakers

1. Use the Sonic app

  1. Download and launch the Sonic app for free from the App Store.
  2. Putting the iPhone on a flat or moderately sloped surface with the bottom facing up (gravity will assist). Use the volume turned up button to boost the volume.
  3. Holding down the water drop icon.
  4. To change the frequency from 160 to 200, move your cursor anyplace else on the screen.
  5. Continue the above technique as many times as necessary (until no water droplets are forced out of the speaker grill.) Automatic: If this does not work, tap the water droplet emblem and let the software produce the appropriate sound frequency to force water out.
Sonic app on iPhone
Sonic app on iPhone

2. Use Water Eject Shortcut

Whenever you begin, ensure that your iPhone enables unauthorized shortcuts. To do so, go to Shortcuts Settings and enable Allow Untrusted Shortcuts.

Add Josh0678’s Water Eject shortcut then select My Shortcuts. Then, tap the shortcut to start it.

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 Water Eject Shortcut
Water Eject Shortcut

Tap to begin Water Ejection. Make certain that the volume on your iPhone is set to highest.

3. Using tone-generator website

Visit the website such as or

To begin playing a sound on FixMySpeakers, touch the water droplet icon.


iPhone are XR Headphones Are Water-resistant?

Users should have no trouble utilizing them outside even if it is raining. Water splashes would not affect your headphones, then don’t worry about the water on your desk. Although iPhone headphones are water-resistant, Apple does not market them as such.

Don’t get me wrong: your iPhone headphones may survive underwater if you’re lucky. Dropping them in a pool of water will not kill them. Many consumers have reported that their headphones now work after putting them in the washing machine. Even if your headphones survive, I don’t recommend taking chances.

Conclusion for protection in terms of rating and certification for iPhone XR

While the iPhone XR can withstand some water, you don’t want to overdo it. To be safe, I propose that you use shock-resistant, waterproof iPhone XR cases.

The whole first number in an IP (Ingress Protection) rating denotes a device’s resistance to dust, while the second number represents its resistance to water. That means the iPhone XR is entirely dust-tight and can withstand brief immersion in water.

Other than that it can also use it for some recording most specially screen.

FAQS about iPhone XR other uses

How long does the iPhone XR remain watertight?

The iPhone XR and XS are not waterproof. They are, however, water resistant, and you may swim with them without fear – even in salt water. The iPhone XR, according to Apple, can resist a 1-meter (3-foot) drop for 30 minutes while meeting the IP67 standard.

Is the iPhone 11 XR waterproof?

There is presently no “waterproof iPhone.” Still, an accidental spill or drop into a puddle is unlikely to damage the phone; however, it is better to treat it with prudence rather than pushing the limits of its IP68 designation, and avoid submerging an iPhone completely underwater.

Is the red iPhone XR water resistant?

Your iPhone XR red is not waterproof, but if you drop it in the pool or spill liquid on it, that should be Ok. Apple claims that the iPhone XR, which has an IP67 water-resistance rating, can be submerged in up to 3 feet of water for up to 30 minutes without injury.

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