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How to Screen Recording on iPhone 7? So the new iPhone 7 has arrived, the new iPhone 7 comes with a slew of innovative next-generation technologies that will take your breath away.

The phone has no headphone socket, a new and better display, and the iPhone 7 Plus boasts back twin cameras that Apple claims are a game changer.

With the debut of the new iPhone 7, bloggers and vloggers have reason to rejoice. The new iPhone makes it easier to create tutorials. There seem to be numerous approaches to take. You could use Quicktime on a Mac, Reflector on a PC, or AirShou, a third-party program. All of these ways are excellent, but you should choose the one that best suits your needs.

Screen Recording on iPhone 7
Screen Recording on iPhone 7

How to Screen Recording on iPhone 7 & 7 plus?

  1. To record a display on an iPhone 7, navigate to Settings > Control Center > Customize Controls.
  2. Secondly, in your Control Center, add the Screen Recording option.
  3. Pull up from the bottom of your display to activate Control Center, then hit the Screen Recording icon to begin recording.
  4. The recording will begin immediately when a red bar appears at the top of your screen.
  5. Once you’re complete, press the Screen Recording option once again to end the recording. The video would be stored in the Camera app on your device.

Other Methods on Screen Record in iPhone 7 iOS 11

 Now with iOS 11, you can just record the screen with its built-in tool

Method 1: On just a Mac, use Quicktime.

You’ll need two items to record your screen using Quicktime just on iPhone  7.

a) A Mac running OS X (Yosemite) or higher.

b) A Lighting connector and iOS 8 or higher

How to Record iPhone 7 Screen Using Quicktime on Mac

1. To begin, connect the iPhone 7 to your Mac through the lightning cord.

2. Launch the Quicktime app on your Mac after the connection is identified.

3. Click ‘Record a Movie’ from the File menu.

4. Locate the record button and click the dropdown arrow to see more possibilities.

5. There seems to be an option to record the screen of your iPhone 7. When you pick this selection, you will discover that the screen of your iPhone is copied on your Mac.

6. If you simply want to record the screen and not the voice-over, select ‘Nothing whatsoever’ as your microphone. If you wish to keep track of your on-screen clicks, check the ‘Show Mouse Clicks’ box.

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7. To listen to the video from the recording, just use loudness slider.

8. If you really want to record a specific region of your screen, merely drag something and then hit the recording button inside that area in the first place recording; however, if you want to record the entire screen, simply press everywhere on the screen to begin recording.

Record iPhone 7 Screen Using Quicktime on Mac
Record iPhone 7 Screen Using Quicktime on Mac

How to screen record on iPhone

How to screen record on iPhone iOS 11 in Easy Way (Answered)

Recording Screen with Internal audio iPhone (3 Solutions)

Method 2: Make use of the AirShou App.

a) Install AirShou on your iPhone 7 immediately. Users with iOS 9.3 or higher must adjust their dates back to 2012 in order for the applications to download without difficulty.

b) You will receive a warning that the software is not trusted; nonetheless, proceed to your settings and enable this program to be installed.

c) Before you begin recording, ensure that’mirroring’ is enabled in airplay and that your device is chosen.

d) Simply run the AirShou app, establish a free account, and begin recording.

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Screen Recording AirShou App

Method 3: Using Reflector on a Computer

Reflector is undoubtedly the simplest and most straightforward way to record the screen of your iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus. Because it is a third-party program, you must first downloading it to your computer before installing it on your Mac, Windows PC, or Chrome Book. Reflector requires Airplay to be installed on your iPhone in order to function. Reflector mirrors your iPhone 7 screen on the computer’s screen in the very same manner as Quicktime does.

Launch Reflector on your computer, then Airplay on your smartphone, and make sure the ‘Mirroring’ option is enabled. Connect your iPhone to your computer.

Reflector on a Computer Screen Recording
Reflector on a Computer Screen Recording

Method 4: Make Use of a Jailbreak Tweak

If you have a jailbroken iPhone, you may install a tweak from Cydia or Sileo to permanently remove the screen record indication. SilentRecorder by Kiran Patil is a free patch that works with modified iPhones running iOS 11 or 12. Simply look for it and download it.

SilentRecorder is activated by standard after installation, however you may disable it at any moment using the Settings app if you want the screen record indication to return. Keep in mind that you’ll need to force-close the Settings app each time you activate or disable the modification in order for the changes to take effect.

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Use of a Jailbreak Tweak in Screen Recording

Other Best Screen Recording Read more

Screen Record on iPhone 7 with Sound or Audio

  1. By defaults, the audio from your iPhone’s microphone would not be recorded on any screen recording.
  2. To activate the microphone audio, go to the control center by sliding up from the bottom of the screen and long-press the recording symbol for 2 to 4 seconds rather than clicking it, and the recording choices will appear.
  3. To enable it, press on the Microphone Audio icon. The symbol on your iPhone 7 Plus would then turn red, signaling that audio is enabled for screen recording.
  4. When you click Start recording, a 3-second countdown will appear before the screen recording begins.

Record the sounds from my iPhone’s screen.

Long-press or 3D Touch the Screen Record button. Tap the app wherever you wish to store your screen recording. Start Recording should be selected. The screen, your voice, and whatever other ambient sounds will be recorded by your iPhone.

Edit your recorded videos in how to screen record on iPhone 7 plus iOS 15

Video Editing with Wondershare Filmora

WondershareFilmora has been shown to be successful at editing recorded movies on iPhone 7 and prior models.

a) It supports a wide range of video formats, including.mp4,.avi,.mov,.avchd, and many more.

b) It lets you edit, crop, merge, divide, and chop your video (s).

b) It features a fantastic filter collection and effects.

d) You can save the modified video in any format you like, as long as it is small enough to fit in your phone.

f) Edited videos may be burned to DVD and posted to the internet.

Record a video while playing music on iPhone 7 

  • Go over to the camera app on your iPhone 7 Plus after playing the music on Apple Music or YouTube Music.
  • Remain in photo mode, then click and press the camera shutter release until it begins recording, then swipe this to the right towards the lock symbol.
  • It will now begin capturing video while the music on your device is playing.
  • I hope you have found this post useful in making a screen recorder of the iPhone 7 screen.

Screen record on iPhone 7 without a Red Bar

If you see the red bar, it signifies that your device’s screen recording capability has already been enabled.

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Step 1: Go to the Control Center menu.

Step 2: Select the Customize Controls option.

Step 3: Towards the left of Screen Recording, press the Plus button.

 iPhone 7 without a Red Bar
iPhone 7 without a Red Bar

How can I record without the red bar on my iPhone?

Native screen recording, one of Apple’s most popular features in iOS 11 and beyond, is readily accessed via the Control Center toggle on your iPhone. You may then stop recording from the very same location or from the red status bar or bubble.

Location of Screen Recording Settings on iPhone 7 Plus

When your iPhone 7 Plus’s screen recording is complete. A popup message will appear informing you that the screen recording has been saved to your Photos app. You may click on this to take it to your most current recording location, and you can locate it in your Photographs app under the Screen Recording directory or All photos.

Conclusion for input on the recording method on iPhone 7

It’s a rather easy procedure that we’ve already discussed in depth, so I won’t go over it again here. However, keep in mind that you may capture both multimedia content this way, with the latter being either the audio on the iPhone itself or the mic from your Mac if you want to do a voiceover.

With each of these fantastic solutions, you now have an understanding of how to record your iPhone 7 screen. Test them out.

FAQS about other Features that iPhone 7 have

Is it possible to record a screen on an iPhone 7?

Yes, you can screen record on an iPhone 7. You’ll need to utilize a third-party program, such as AirShou or Reflector, to do this.

How much time can I record on my iPhone 7?

The maximum recording time on the iPhone 7 is roughly 2 hours.

Where is my iPhone 7’s voice recorder?

The iPhone 7’s voice recorder is positioned on the bottom left side. It’s a little, silver-colored spherical microphone.

How can I record my screen without being detected?

There are several methods for accomplishing this, but the most typical is to utilize a tool such as Camtasia or ScreenFlow. These applications enable you to record your screen and audio without anybody knowing.

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